Monday 1 February 2010

Phew ! Things Are Hotting Up !

A brazier...singular note NOT the plural !

Tomorrow we play the newly named Braziers. My desire to post a picture of some braziers ( and not the ones to lift and separate and I'm aware of the different spelling ) led me to something completely different courtesy of the search engine. Having recovered from the shock and glad I didn't write this at work, I can now continue....... !

Walsall is another one of those must win games but this time we really must win. I'm encouraged by the acquisition last week of Reid and today of course, of Akpo. This now gives us some options and hope. I still believe that a genuine goal scorer is needed if finances allow and that now has to be another loan of course.

I think that Mooney must be left out of the starting eleven. He was so out of sorts on Saturday. I hope he can return at some stage with confidence renewed.

I would start with McKenzie and Burton up front. Akpo is best to bring off the bench for now. If there's no animosity between Racon and Parky then Racon should return probably at the expense of Semedo who's played poorly of late. We need some creativity and killer balls played through and beyond the defence, Racon's the man.

Having had a wasted journey on the 2nd January I'm not travelling again. I note that the ref who made such a pig's ear of the pitch inspection then is due to take charge tomorrow. Let's hope he's a better judge of a game of football than he is of a surface to play it on.

Good luck to everyone going, I hope you're rewarded with an emphatic Addicks victory. For me, it's going to be a nervous night listening to it on the t'internet.

Come On You Reds !

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