Monday 8 February 2010

Keep It Simple

Boris didn't know which way to turn and he hadn't even ventured on the Magic Roundabout yet.

We all owe a big debt of gratitude to the Road Research Laboratory ( RRL ) for the work of art that is the Magic Roundabout. It left me feeling dizzy and confused. The same can be applied to our approach to Saturday's game but I'm not hanging that on the RRL although........... !

I visited The Merlin just up the road from the ground for a pre-match pint and bite to eat. All good stuff with a number of our boys in there. We were all able to enjoy a fiesty Merseyside derby. It whet the appettite for the game to come. Sadly the hors d'oeuvre was followed by a dog's dinner.

We were truly awful and it took until the last ten minutes of the first half for us to fashion a chance. The second half was little better until the introduction of Burton saw us start to create chances. Swindon were better than us but at times were just as bad.

For the first time this season I honestly felt some of my passion had gone, for this match at least. That's how bad it was. I really found it hard to get worked up about anything. I was confused about the way we'd set ourselves up. Three strikers on the bench but no place for Sam. We know enough about Wagstaff to appreciate that he's best coming off the bench. Why do we not start with McKenzie and Burton ? Parky is happy to try any other combination it seems. It can't do any harm.

Akpo is also best coming off the bench. At the very least he can't play on his own up front.

We need to keep it simple and play people in their right postitions. I know we don't have the greatest squad but it is possible to get these guys playing decent stuff as we know from earlier this season.

I've not lost faith with Parky, he's done well to get us where we are. However, he needs to hold his nerve, keep it simple and play a system and people that he knows will do the job.

I'm off to Bristol on Monday and praying that Parky get things back on track starting by selecting a better starting eleven and system backed up by sensible options on the bench.

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