Wednesday 24 February 2010

Cheeky !

Ar*e !

The good lady above seems quite perky, sadly for us everything is heading south !

Last night was another one of those could have and perhaps would have games. Could have won and would have if we'd taken our chances. Our need for a goalscorer has never been brought into sharper focus and remains the foremost reason why we're not top two. If we had one, then in my opinion, we would be.

Despite not playing well if we'd taken a couple of the chances created then, despite not playing well, we would have come away with something. The loss of Burton was a big blow. He's no goal machine of course but he does so much else in creating chances, bringing others into the game and not giving the ball away cheaply.

That Mooney had a stinker was all too predictable. I felt that he wasn't great on Saturday but just knew that Parky would stick with him. Bringing on Akpo for Burton was a poor move. McKenzie should have been given the opportunity. When he was brought on I'm not sure anyone knew what we were trying to do !

I've no idea what formation we were playing and I'm damn sure the players didn't either. We didn't need 3 strikers, they ended up getting in eachother's way. How did Mooney stay on ? He never looked like scoring. Those substitutions were the stuff of nightmares.

After the game I relaxed with a c**p journey home where there were long delays on the M25.....great ! You might think that rushing home to Milton Keynes isn't appealing but after that, trust me, it was ! I even had some dubious thoughts of concrete cows !

Where to next ? I'm bu**ered if I know. In fact, I'm bu**ered if anyone knows ! With other results going the way they did then the play offs too are fast disappearing over the horizon. Short of signing Wayne Rooney, Kaka or Grant Holt ( all fantasies.....yes even Holt ! ) then I don't see things changing just now.

It's never been easy following the Addicks, it's a lifetime sentence and for some fans it's only just now that they're becoming familiar with how tough it can be. For those of us over er..... 39 !!! we've seen it all before.

It's as frustrating as hell, annoying, stressful, even soul-destroying perhaps but this is my team. A team and club I'm proud of for many reasons and I don't want it any other way. Things must and will get better. I remember as a kid and even adult thinking we'd never get into the top flight but of course we did. Our turn will come again.

We need to be positive, after all it could be worse, we could have been brought in Bermondsey. Now there's a thought......... !

Now then, when's the first game at Canterbury this season ?

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