Monday 22 February 2010

50 Ways To Leave Dennis Wise - Just Hop On A Bus Gus

Yes, Gus has split from his erstwhile sidekick Mr Wise. A good job too I think and I bet Dennis still claims to be the brains behind the dynamic I think not. You can the boy out of Millwall but..... !

There you have it, Mr Poyet is doing just fine without being bothered by a dwarfish upstart, well, he was until he met Glynn Snodin on Saturday ! Clearly Glynn managed to upset Gustavo.

Jonathon Creek conducts ( Handel's Water Music ? )

Pictured above is another Gustavo and leader of men although this one is a conductor. He can regularly be spotted working on the open top No. 53 bus along Brighton seafront. Seen here, our Gus has just lost his candy floss to a rather strong breeze. Some might say his hair is an adequate replacement especially if he dyed it pink a la Mrs Slocombe. 

Anyway what of tomorrow's game ? Well, no doubt Gus will be trying to orchestrate a win something he only just failed to do against Norwich and more recently, Leeds. There's little doubt that the Seagulls will be a sterner test then the Glovers.

Hopefully, we will look to stick to the passing that finally returned on Saturday........not before time ! Why did it take Parky so long to realise that's the only way we can play. No point in us hoofing the ball up the pitch, a fat lot of good that was doing us.

Jackson impressed as I knew he would and with us playing the two wingers and in their rightful positions the side had a better balance. Mind you, why Sam and Reid swapped after only 5 to 10 minutes is beyond me ! Thankfully they reverted after only a short while.

I'm not sold on Mooney I'm afraid. He had at best an average game for me despite taking his goal well. He looks too lightweight and continues to frustrate me. I still don't know what McKenzie has got to do to get on the pitch never mind starting a game ! Blimey, he even managed to look genuinely pleased when Mooney scored........I thought I might see him get something at last night's BAFTAs for that !

Llera had probably his best game for us on Saturday and fair play to him although I still worry about his habit of commiting silly fouls in and around the box and pray that he won't be doing that tomorrow.

There still plenty of room for improvement, however, Saturday was a step in the right direction and I'm again optimistic of another win ahead of our trip to another seaside team on Friday.

Come On You Reds !

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