Monday 15 February 2010

Old Jokes Re-worked

If the football is as bad as it was at Swindon we might be wishing we had something like this awful shirt to take our minds off things !

Why are Bristol Rovers called the Pirates ? Because they arghhh !

This season reached a low point for me against Swindon. We've been bad before but not that bad. Things can only get better ? We'll see.

We must start 4-4-2 and I'd play McKenzie and Burton up front. As I've wondered before, just what has Leon got to do to start a game ? Looking at it he's our only recognised goal scorer, he's been good when he's had a chance. He needs time on the pitch.

I'd also play a midfield of Bailey, Racon, Reid and Sam. We need to be attacking and these four offer that. The defence I'd have as usual except Solly in for Basey.

That's what I'd do but I reckon Parky will go for Burton, Akpo, Bailey, Sam, Semedo, Reid, Dailly, Sodje, Richardson, Basey and Elliot.

I hope we can employ better tactics than last week. The way we defended against short corners for example was shocking. It was an accident waiting to happen and led directly to their goal. You need two players defending it but not with one of them being no more than a passive defender. Shelvey should have been straight across to help close down but it didn't happen.......ever.

As ever we need to win ( repeat ad naseum ). I remain optimistic and hope that my passion, that was diminished last week, returns in full.

It'll be good to be back on some terracing.....hooray for that !

Come On You Reds !

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