Saturday 27 February 2010

Like The Lions Of Ancient Rome, I'm Loving My Christian Dailly

Quiet and efficient that's our CD

I didn't get to Roots Hall last night and so have had to catch up via blogs etc. I read Blackheath Addicted's account of the game and noted in particular his reference to Dailly being " one of the unsung heroes of the season ". That sums him up nicely. Bags of experience of course and in each game he marshalls the defence without the need to resort to shouting or any histrionics.

In addition, dare I say it but I also like those sneeky professional fouls that do just enough to stop the oppo's momentum but not enough for the ref to notice or feel the need to brandish a yellow when he does.......hats off to you sir !

We certainly needed that win last night which was more than welcome. As ever, not a great performance by all accounts but we'll take whatever we can get of course. The frustration is that you can't help but look at the table and wonder " what if ? ". What if just two of those numerous draws had been wins ? We could be in so much a better position.

It sounds as if Parky picked the wrong starting eleven last night as it wasn't until the subs came on that we started to play although the positive side of me would say that perhaps they responded to being dropped to the bench !

As we know our run in is not one that we can look forward to with great anticipation and hope. Who knows though our boys might surprise us and raise their game against the stronger and better can but hope !

At least we've now a break until next Saturday and boy do our lads need that. If I was Parky I'd give them the weekend off ( just like they've had for the last few weeks eh !!! ), tell them to forget about football ( ditto !! ) and come back to training on Monday refreshed and anticipating the challenges ahead.

Rugby for me today with a couple of pints of foaming ale which will taste all the sweeter if those around us fail.


  1. Did you see your 'theme tune' being used for an ice dance at the Winter Olympics?

  2. Marco, no I missed that, however, I noticed it was used ahead of the Chelsea v Man City game today. I was pleased to see Bridge refuse to shake Terry's hand and not surprised to hear the Chelsea fans boo him.