Sunday 31 January 2010

2 Good 2 Bad

Ian Goodison - The 2 good

Had Dowie been there it would have been the good, the bad and the ugly. However, as far as I know he wasn't even though the team resembled one of his !

Ian Goodison did a good job for his team and was quite a cool character too. He manged to inject some humour into a lifeless first half when replicating the infamous Gazza moment when he showed the ref a yellow card. It seemed the only way we'd see one at one time as he was reticent to brandish one to the Rovers boys despite several niggly fouls.

The 2 bad was of course our boys. Aside from Reid and Dailly I can't honestly say anyone had a good game. Dailly, for me, was our best player and read everything right. Reid gave us what we've been missing all season, attacking intent and good crosses from the left although they sadly went unrewarded.

McKenzie should perhaps speak to John Terry to see who you have to sleep with to start a game. I'm really not sure how Mooney kept his place. As I've said before I do like him and think he has something to offer but he's clearly low on confidence. If we're now employing two wingers then it'd be useful to have someone in the box who knows how to put them away. At present the best option for this is McKenzie.

We desperately need a proven goal scorer. For whatever reason we've missed out on Puncheon. Whether it's permanent or on loan we need to bust a gut to get one. We may not be playing well but we are still creating chances and clear cut ones at that.

Playing away isn't always a good thing ( another John Terry reference ) but right now it'll probably be good for our lads. The pressure may be off a little. We need to get at least 7 points from the next 3 games as I think it's the minimum we're going to need.

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