Thursday 25 February 2010

Bob Marley Tribute Act

Nicky is Welcomed Back

Nicky Bailey returns to Roots Hall tomorrow....Roots Hall being a well known Bob Marley impersonator in Southend-On-Sea.

I think it's fair to say that Mr B can expect a warm welcome from the locals tomorrow night. If he's been accused of trying too hard of late he may well implode tomorrow !

I was never going to be able to get to the game tomorrow due to work commitments. I have to say it's unlikely I'd have made the effort given recent performances.

It's hard to get enthused about the game. I really don't know what sort of side Parky will put out. He's made noises about fresh faces although I don't know who from within our squad is going to make a difference. Perhaps Shelvey will come back but he wasn't playing well when he was left out of the side and seemed pretty disinterested at Swindon.

Last time I checked hell hadn't frozen over so no start for McKenzie then. Mooney will no doubt keep his place despite failing to impress in the last two games.

I'm failing to find the positives I'm afraid but hope springs eternal.

At least Saturday is football free and it sees a return to Franklin's Gardens to watch a bit of egg chasing as the Saints take on the Tigers. A late kick off due to Sky allows time for a leisurely lunchtime pint or two before the game. By the time the players run out to Enter Sandman we may have fallen further down the league courtesy of successive defeats from the men near the sand or pebbles in Brighton's case and more wins for those around us.

Come On You Reds !

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  1. Well done Charlton!

    See you tomorrow at the Saints for that "lunchtime pint or two"... for the uninitiated the Saints game kicks off at 6pm!