Wednesday 17 February 2010

Just Another Manic Monday

Once again we failed to cover oursleves in glory both on and off the pitch. There's something about being on live tv that does little to enhance our performance, perhaps we should tick a box for no publicity.

Off the pitch some of our less cerebal fans found the minute's silence either funny, a chance to make sheep noises or both, despite attempts by the rest of us to make them shut up. All very sad and depressing, that we were treated to another rendition of the Addams Family in amongst general attempts to goad the oppo's fans was all too predictable.

On a more cheery note I enjoyed a very nice pre-match curry, so much so that when the MC announced " I can smell gas ! " I thought a public apology might be called for. Fortunately, he was just introducing the Rovers side. The only other downside of my pre-match meal was that it left unable to fit in a pasty or balti pie, they smelt and looked delicious..........unlike me !

I'm pleased that Basey isn't as badly injured as it looked he would be resulting from such an horrendous tackle. Retrospective action should be possible in such circumstances. Trollope should have condemned that but a la most managers chose not to.   

What can one say of our performance ? The team now appears devoid of confidnece and has seemingly abandoned a passing game that served it so well in the first half of the season. Hoofing the ball down field isn't going to work and is not what I want to see.

In keeping with his selections of late Parky sprung a surprise, no place for Reid in the starting eleven. Clearly this doesn't make sense as he's one of our few successes and it meant Bailey out of the left and we know that doesn't really work.

Aside from Elliot, no one covered themselves in glory and to that extent you can excuse the manager some blame. You've got to be able to rely on players to do the basics.

I still wonder what Leon has got to do to start or in this case, even get on at half time. Mooney was never going to be the answer. For me, half time needed to see the introduction of Leon and Reid for Racon and Akpo.  

Hardly anyone deserves to keep their place for Saturday but that doesn't mean we should go making wholesale changes again as this seems to be part of the problem. Stick with 4-4-2 and play Reid and McKenzie from the start.

We're down to fourth now, I'm off this week and the weather's lousy. However, my car's booked in for an MOT test today and no doubt when it sails through that I'll be feeling a lot better eh ?

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