Monday 8 March 2010

The Fourth Official Has Indicated............

that there is a minimum of 80 minutes left ( during which nothing much will happen ) so you might as well go home now ! If only someone had the foresight to say that at 3.15pm on Saturday ( we always seem to kick off 5 minutes late these days ! )

Like most of us I, rashly, anticipated a goal fest after Akpo made it 2 - 0............put it down to the impestousity of youth as I doubt I'll be thinking that way when I'm older and more mature !

Fair enough, I hadn't expected that Mooney was about to go goal crazy but I did think we might score at least one or two more against a poor side that couldn't even afford to put the full complement of subs on the bench.

Credit to Akpo as I wouldn't have started with him but he had one of his better games. Mooney managed to stay on for the full ninety. Only Parky knows why, I suspect God Himself is even scratching His head at times on that one. I expect that Mooney would be sent out in a wheelchair if needs be.......anything to stop McKenzie getting on it seems !

Burton missed a sitter with his head and Elliot and Llera having a tiff were the only things remotely worthy of mention in the remainder of the game. That it was again pretty damn cold didn't help matters.

I've seen nothing to explain why Sodje S wasn't in the squad. Anyone got any answers on that ?

I treated myself to a yellow away FADS shirt from yesteryear that I'm pleased with despite it being rather overpriced. I always have an image of Paul Walsh wearing that and for some reason can't recall anyone else doing so, I'm sure they did of course !

I fear for us on Saturday despite the Spanners playing tomorrow night. We really need to step up to the plate in what will not be apleasant atmoshpere. Hopefully, that we're taking a decent number of fans will help lift the boys.

Colchester are playing tonight and let's hope that Brighton can do us a favour. The pitch will no doubt be bad but we've saw a couple of weeks ago that they can play okay on a dodgy surface !

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