Sunday 24 January 2010

Shouldn't Barry Hearn Be Our Chairman ?

Snooker, darts, football.......blimey, he's got his fingers in more pies than John Prescott.

Barry Hearn is now chairman of the PDSA ( People's Dispensary for Sick Animals ) the governing body of snooker. An Australian named Eddie Charlton used to play snooker..........q.e.d. Baz should be our chairman, simples !

Really, I'm thankful he's not. Housing in every corner of the thanks. We've quite enough with our very own Nelson Mandela house just behind the Jimmy Seed Stand.

Tomorrow is another must win game. Firstly we want the 3 points to draw level with Leeds but a much improved display is also important. It's a game we should win of course but as ever, it's Charlton so nothing is straight forward.

As for the team, I'd like to see McKenzie start on the left but don't envisage Parky doing that. Ironically Shelvey seems to fade in the second half a la Rommedahl and Wagstaff appears to be an impact player coming off the bench. It would seem to make sense to start with the same eleven as on Tuesday and bring Wagstaff on if needed..

I didn't get to the Hartlepool game and was grateful for the detailed reports from other blogs. Similarly I won't be there tomorrow....arghh ! Normally not a problem to be there but circumstances have conspired against me. Oh well, at least it's on telly I suppose although I hate watching the game that way, would much rather be there.

Let's hope we don't baulk at the chance to do well, that we can rack up a convincing win by completing a double, pocket the three points to give us a cushion, before we have a break till Saturday.   

Phew, I'm off for a rest !

Come On You Reds ( always time for one more ) !

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