Tuesday 26 January 2010

Wee Timorous Beastie

That Rabbie Burns Was Something of a Visionary Wasn't he ?

Sadly the Addicks chose the night of the Ayrshire Bard's birthday to bring to mind one of his most famous works. I'm sure we were celebrating by playing with a haggis....it looked that way at times !

Not a great night but one that wasn't a great shock given less than convincing performances in the previous two games or maybe more if we're honest.

I was both frustrated by and disappointed for Mooney. I like him as he seems to care and gives of his best. Sadly it wasn't enough last night and he should have done so much better with the gilt edged chance in the second half.

I couldn't help thinking that had Sam Sodje been on the pitch, then he'd have put away at least one of those good crosses from Sam. Whatever the shortcomings of his temperament, he is a big loss when not available.

I pray that Leeds and Norwich don't get more than a point each at best tonight but feel it's almost enevitable that they'll be bagging the full three.

No matter, all the Addicks can do is concentrate on themselves and our games. I'll be very surprised if we don't get a good response on Saturday........hopefully off the pitch too. These players have done it before and need to recapture what they had, aided hopefully by a couple of new additions....here's hoping !

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