Monday 18 January 2010

Run Comes To An End Tomorrow

" Oh Bugger ! "

Having not missed a game since Brighton away I'm not going to get along to the game tomorrow. Had we not had such extreme weather of late that run would have been extended further by the addition of Walsall away and Hartlepool at home.

I'm not best pleased especially as the same work related reasons may keep me away on Monday too. I know it's on the telly but it's not the same is it ?

At the moment it's quite enjoyable to watch our boys. This recent stretch of home and away games is my best for many a year, if not ever. Bloody work commitments eh ? Don't get me wrong I love what I do but this is impacting on the Addicks !!

As a result I've not paid a lot of attention to the oppo aside from noticing that Mr Stelling's friend, James " I feel good " Brown is out. 

To those of you going, I hope it's a good one...........enjoy. I fear that I may miss a goal fest. I fear I may have to suffer Radio London's commentry or some such. I may as well be in Timbuktu or somewhere even more remote.........Adams Park !

Come On You Reds !


  1. Sort your life-work balance out Phil. I suggest you sit down with your Boss and tell him/her that Charlton come first or else you will go off with stress-related sickness until May.

  2. The way the battle for the top is going Dave that may well happen anyway !
    I work in a school so it's a commitment to the kids too. As it happens we won the basketball festival we attended so that softened the blow.
    Monday is a meeting so I'm hoping for a sympathetic hearing on that !

  3. Phil - I'd be all over the club for free tickets for the kids. That way you could be working, giving something to the kids and getting to the match!