Sunday 3 January 2010

A Dog's Dinner and An All Day Breakfast

All there was to show for yesterday's trip to Banks's Stadium

Having read that there was to be a further pitch inspection at 12pm but the referee / Walsall F C were confident the game would go ahead, myself and my eldest lad travelled to Walsall with some optimism. Wonderful then to arrive at the ground just as the game was called off ! To add insulst to injury the steward told me they'd tried everything and mentioned the dreaded " braziers ".............Arghhhh !!! Well if that state of the art technology couldn't sort it what would have !

What a mess, the canine's cuisine ! It wasn't as cold on Monday when the ref ( or was it Lambert ? ) called the game off. Surely he should have asked the ground staff about that and taken a steer from them. They must have known it wasn't going to improve as it was considerably colder.

We toyed with the idea of going to see Villa but decided to save some dosh. It was a return to Birmingham N S station and an all day breakfast in a nearby cafe. Sadly that was pretty poor tbh.......great, what a day !

Let's hope that Leeds get side-tracked by the cup and that Norwich start slipping up. It'll be interesting to see what effect the thumping Colchester got yesterday will have on them.

BTW Sandy Stewart, the assistant Burnley boss isn't someone you want to make excuses for you. He explained that Owen Coyle's absence from the post-match interviews was that he had to hot foot it off to Scotland to see his family............ " he's not seen them since New Year obviously.... ". Sandy, it was the 2nd January for God's sake ! All it needed was for Walsall F C to back that up with " we're confident that Owen Coyle isn't interested in the Bolton job " to apply the final nail in the coffin !

Indeed a day of dog's dinners, all heated by braziers of course....... !


  1. The local park pitch looked green and lush without a hint of frost as I made my way back to the M6...what a waste of diesel! Worst thing was the 'positive' update on the CAFC website at 10 a.m. which must have decided most of us to travel...

  2. By the way, I can also blame my old man for taking me to the Valley in the sixties. We used to stand on the big bank where the East stand now is, before I started to go on my own in the seventies and began to frequent the covered end (west side, of course)....back in the East stand nowadays, the seat in the covered end don't fit my legs! Took my dad to the game on Boxing Day, glad we got the point, he doesn't come very often nowadays.

  3. HD, I too watched from the large bank as a kid where the East Stand now is. Glad to hear your dad got along for the game on Boxing Day, certainly picked an entertaining one eh !
    I see the game is now scheduled for 19th Jan...not sure if I'll be making the trip. Work commitments and then finances will be the deciding factors !