Friday, 8 January 2010

Hev Yew Gotta Match Boy ?

Norfolk - The English Riviera ( " This isn't just any weather forecast, this is a Wikipedia forecast " )

With apologies to Allan Smethurst aka The Singing Postman ( check it out on Youtube kids ! ) it seems a reasonable question for a Canary to ask. It seems that Norwich are confident of their game being on tomorrow. I note that Leeds are equally optimistic of playing too. Localised weather eh ?

Perhaps it isn't the weather, maybe they just have the most braziers in League 1. Undersoil heating ? Pah ! Braziers, they're the future now........I've seen it !

Both teams will be visiting The Valley at the back end of the season, expect to be taunted with " we've got more braziers than you ! "..................... repeat ad nauseam.

Whilst our boys are training on the Thames tomorrow I fully expect that Leeds and Norwich will be pocketing another 3 points each. Ho hum !

I'll be spending the day watching telly, here's the schedule.........

12pm - Film - Starsky and Hutch starring Paul Michael-Brazier
2pm - American Sitcom Hour - Kelsey Grammer stars as psychiatrist Brazier
3pm - Dad's Army - A classic episode in which Private Brazier tells everyone " We're All Doomed ! "
4pm - Question Time - Today the MP for Canterbury and Whitstable gets a grilling.
5pm - Delia's How To Cook - A how to cook chestnuts special.
6pm - What's My Line ? A reprise of the old panel game. In this hilarious episode Bill Oddie incorrectly guesses that an old oil drum is a construction professional that selects, cuts, installs, replaces, and removes residential, commercial, and artistic glass.
7pm - Nightwatchmen News - An industry special focusing on the best way to stay warm at work and also enjoy a game of footie during your breaks.
8pm - Channel 5 only - Braziers and The Nazis.
9pm - Channle 4 - Big Brazier's Little Brazier.
11pm - Closedown - Dying Embers.  

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