Friday 1 October 2021

No Reason To Be A Doubting Thomas

Well, Nigel is still here much to most people’s surprise. Boris has removed cabinet ministers quicker than this!

It’s such a horrible scenario at the moment and one that does no one any favours.

The strength of feeling one gets from forums, social media, Charlton Live etc. is that the overwhelming majority of fans think the manager should go.

This is now transferring to criticism of a number of players and to a degree towards the owner himself. That is a terrible shame.

There’s no reason for him to be a “ doubting Thomas “ as our numerous poor performances and league position attest.

Thomas has done so much in seeking to rectify the wrongs of the last few years and has put the foundations in place for a brighter future.

It is simply the short term plan that is failing. One can’t attribute too much blame to him in that respect.

At worst, he’s guilty of a bit of bravado and naivety. He would do well to seek counsel from experienced folk with close ties to the club. Ged Roddy has seemingly not offered anything constructive.

Sandgaard may feel removing Adkins is an admission of failure. It wouldn’t be and he is so much on credit with supporters that we see it for what it is, simply an appointment that hasn’t worked.

He won’t be the first or last owner/chairman to do that.

Thomas can quickly and easily rectify things. Firstly, remove the manager. He tried but it hasn’t worked and one of us can be sure as to exactly why but we could probably cite many reasons.

JJ and Euell can be offered a chance for an interim period. There’s little to be lost there.

Appoint an experienced CEO is a must. The lack of one is one of the reasons for issues on and off the pitch.

Further than that, if it were me I’d remove Roddy and get Curbs in.

Even further than that, I’d give authority regarding transfers and recruitment back to Gallen and whoever is manager. Of course, Thomas himself would retain a right to veto and sanction as one would expect.

I fear that none of these things will happen anytime soon and we will continue on our downward path. That is so damaging and if we’re not careful we may never fully recover from it.

We already have a situation where following Covid (and it’s not done yet of course) some fans have not returned. They may still be fearful or simply found something else to do on a Saturday. What we see on the pitch at present is doing little to lure them back is it?

The owner has big and tough decisions to make. As an experienced and successful businessman you’d expect him to make them.

There will come a time where it’ll be too late. Thomas simply has to act now!

Good luck to everyone travelling to Fleetwood tomorrow. You have my respect and admiration. I sincerely hope that you are rewarded with a win and also a good display. You deserve it.

Come On You Reds!  


  1. A well articulated heartfelt account of our current circumstances. An expression of hope based on a well balanced consideration of facts and the likely reality of a reluctance of TS to take a dramatic approach just yet. Thank you for your thoughts. NW Red

    1. Thanks Paul. Hopefully Saturday's win will see matters improve on the pitch. Of course, I'd still like Thomas to address the issues I raised above.

  2. Well Curbs won't take it cos e aint goin back to managin but e would be good to ave is advice cos e still as our gaff in is eart. After the good win against Fleetwood lass night n I thought it was a good win well done to Leko, Adkins as a fightin chance but we ave to see wot appens, if e gets ourn ahrt of the rellies n mid table I reckon e'll stay dahn our gaff. I aint got any ope of goin up this season but spect thass wot most fans think on ere n all.