Wednesday 29 September 2021

Last Night a DJ saved my.....oh no! He Didn't!

If Adkins hasn’t gone by midday today then we might as well save the money, petrol and effort and give Fleetwood the 3 points now.

Thomas should have acted weeks ago as the writing was on the wall then. I appreciate he didn’t want to lose face but he’ll lose an awful lot more if he doesn’t act now.

We’re already 4 points from safety and you can kiss even a play-off spot goodbye.

How did it come to this? An excellent question, I’m glad you asked!

Firstly, as I’ve said before I think Roddy has had large part to play. My opinion is that he made Bowyer feel unwelcome and then when he left suddenly got in Adkins with almost indecent haste. He came from nowhere and was on no one’s radar other than Ged’s.

Thomas said they’d been preparing for that scenario for some time. Why? Bowyer was settled and whilst results took a severe dip when injuries struck he was doing ok.

I acknowledge that towards the end of his tenure as manager things weren’t going well but against a backdrop of Roddy potentially making him feel unwanted maybe that’s not surprising. After all he stuck through all the rubbish and finally was entitled to some decent support.

Let’s make no mistake we wouldn’t be at bottom if he were still here.

Ged’s involvement extends to the transfer policy too of course. Even in the worst of times Gallen produced miracles in the transfer windows. Can’t recall him ever needing a “ black box “ when he did that.

In last week’s Q&A Roddy was banging on about the analytics. Did MK need this when they recruited Scott Twine or Troy Parrott? I doubt it! Twine got an outstanding hat-trick last night btw.

What about just trusting your judgement?

All that aside we still have a decent squad. Yet somehow Adkins has turned the best of players in to lost souls.

How is it that Famewo, Stockley, DJ, Kirk amongst many are now performing so badly?

Adkins has been chopping and changing for so long now. His post-match ramblings are laughable. After his 23rd change in 4 games he actually referred to aiming for a settled side!

I note no one even bothered to ask where DJ was last night! Remember, Adkins has nothing against the lad, it’s just squad rotation.

Talking of squad rotation given Nige has used it so extensively, how come a lot of our boys are looking so unfit and unable to last the 90?

After each game we got told about the lengthy debriefs. A fat lot of good that’s done. Adkins just isn’t getting his message across not that anyone, least of all our Nige, seems to know what that is!

Nigel simply has to go and Thomas, if he isn’t getting shod of Roddy too, shouldn’t listen to him for advice in any replacement.     

Some folk are saying that Johnnie Jackson is too tied in with the current approach to games and shouldn’t be considered for the job. However, as I’ve said for some time, we don’t hear anything from at the moment.

He’s certainly not the animated figure we’ve seen in the technical area in previous seasons. Is he being forced to keep schtum!

I think the players would play for Jackson especially with Euell as his number two. Certainly the fans would be 100% behind him.

It’s got to be that or Thomas goes for someone like Wilder because he’s going to need them. A lot of fans think he wouldn’t come to us but if we don’t try we won’t know.

If we are to have any hope then at a minimum Adkins needs to go now. We simply can’t afford another minute of him I’m afraid.


  1. Well, I've got my ticket and hotel for Fleetwood, and a table at the fish restaurant booked. Too late to cancel now. I will treat it as a trip down memory lane to 1979/80 season, where I remember only too well a succession of awful away defeats (final away record D4 L17)!

    1. You and everyone else making the trip deserve to be rewarded with a win and hopefully some decent football. I'd like to think that if not the club would refund fans.
      That away record from 79/80 might be better than we end up with this season if nothing changes!

  2. I travelled 160 miles by train and an overnight stay in a hotel to see last nights game. In my long Charlton supporting career I saw a bunch of largely unfit players who were scared of making a mistake - a team of individuals, not a squad of players.
    Nobody can cope with the number of squad rotations that Adkins is making. He has no direction or plan B, if he has he has kept it a secret from his coaching staff and players...
    Clearly he has 'lost' the dressing room and therefore has to go before any further damage is done to the club - and Roddy can go with him as he has not improved the back-room team, in fact, it's the opposite - he's doing a great deal of damage. Gallen and his recruitment team have performed miracles in the last few seasons, under Roddy this transfer window was a complete and utter shambles. The players brought in will do the job on the pitch - IF they are brought up to the required level of fitness and they buy into the tactics and coaching of a new manager.

    Sandgaard has saved our club in the last year, but he needs to bring in a competent CEO who knows the Football League to act as his ears and eyes on the ground and he needs to get rid of Roddy & Adkins asap. I will not be returning to the Valley whilst Adkins remains in charge - I suspect that after last night I won't be alone, I'm not wasting £180 to go to a home game to watch that c**p again....

    Over to you Mr. Sandgaard - you are the owner, admit you've made a mistake, correct that and let's move on up the table. Remember that in the last 30+ years we have only been successful under a manager who is a former player. Personally I think it's too soon for Jacko/Jason Euell to take over - this squad needs an experienced manager, there are only 2 names who fit that bill, Curbs or Sir Chris Powell.
    You won't be thanked if Charlton go down to the fourth tier of the league for the first time in their history on your watch.....

  3. Agree with all that save for I'd give JJ a go as you'll know.
    I remain concerned and unconvinced by Roddy like you. As you say, things worked better without him even under Roland's awful stewardship!
    We support the club through thick (occasionally!) but mostly thin. Like any fans we do so because it's OUR club. However, there are limits.
    We pay a small fortune to support the team. The ticket prices where I sit in the Alan Curbishley are the highest in the league and a lot of Champ and in some cases Prem teams too. I don't think it's too much to expect that the team puts up a fight if not play some decent football.
    I seriously don't know how Nigel has survived but surely defeat on Saturday would be the last straw.

  4. Yeah well e got the win against Fleetwood lass night n well deserved n all it was. But Adkins as to keep ourn ahrt of the rellies to keep is job n thass all there is to it. If ourn go back into the rellies n look like eadin for L2 then JJ muss take over but Adkins after lass night lives on to fight another day. King Lee would never ave got ourn dahn there but Adkins as the chance to take ourn ahrt so we ave to see wot appens on ere n dahn our gaff.