Monday 18 October 2021

The Decline Continues

Another Monday morning where I hoped I’d be writing a few words about Adkins short tenure in charge of our team. Another Monday morning when again his sacking hasn’t happened!

Now I’m not sure what he’s got to do to get the boot.

Twelve games into the season and it’s effectively over. We haven’t a cat in hell’s chance of getting into a play-off. The best we can hope for is avoiding relegation.

A depressing state of affairs for all Addicks especially when a number of fans are paying some of the top prices in the league.

To date we have been rewarded with some of the worst football we’ve ever seen. In nearly 60 years of supporting Charlton I’ve seen some dross so that puts it all into perspective!

I did fear that the win over Fleetwood would just be papering over the cracks and so it proved. Adkins had two weeks to work with the vast majority of his squad. It would appear to be wasted time.

I, like many, was of the view that Adkins should have gone some weeks ago as he was slowly being exposed by poor tactics, team selection and total lack of game plan.

The excuses have rolled off his tongue at an increasing rate as he has looked more and more desperate. Against the back drop of poor performances and results he keeps telling us how it’s all going in training.

Ahead of Saturday’s game he told us that the squad was now at a good level of fitness. At a stroke he removed one of the last excuses he has! Incredibly, a number of players put paid to that as they were struggling to complete the ninety!

All in all there are some serious questions and issues to be answered and resolved by Thomas.

  1. Why on earth is Adkins still in charge?
  2. How many games has he got to lose or how low do we go before he is sacked?
  3. When will the club employ a CEO?
  4. What is the future for Ged Roddy for whom there’s little evidence that he has added anything positive to our club?
  5. On the pitch we are in the worst position in living memory. When will you pass comment on that?

 Sandgaard needs to say something even if it’s to state Nigel isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. I’d like to know why not if that is the case.

 It’s a mess but no one is saying anything. Not even the director of football or whatever it is that the position that Roddy holds.

 I stated what I thought needed to happen about 3 or 4 weeks ago. It’s all very simple.

Sack Adkins and Roddy.

Install Jackson and Euell at least on a temporary basis.

Install Curbs as director of football.

Get a CEO preferably Peter Varney.

That would go a long way to righting the mistakes that have been. Thomas can be forgiven that given how new he is to football club ownership.

The key thing about making mistakes is to learn from them. Let’s hope Thomas is about to do just that.

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