Friday 15 October 2021

Crunch Time!

Saturday sees The Addicks attempt to secure back to back league wins for the first time this season.

Nigel tells us that all is now good fitness wise with the players. In addition, he’s had another decent period of time to work with the majority of the squad. If we don’t see a reasonably competent performance from the team tomorrow then it will be very worrying.

As it stands the club faces an uphill battle to get anywhere near the play-offs and it’s somewhat depressing to think that the season is largely over. We’re left with at a minimum avoiding a relegation battle and at best finishing as high as we can in the league.

I know clubs like Oxford reached the play offs last season with a similar, if indeed, maybe worse start than us. However, the league is stronger now and teams such as Ipswich are, one expected, finding their feet to make it even harder!

Sadly, this week Ronnie Schwartz and the club parted company it what would appear to the best resolution to his situation. He would undoubtedly been a decent performer at this level but circumstance have conspired against him and the team.

I don’t profess to know the ins and outs of Ronnie’s situation but clearly something wasn’t right. Whether that was down to a lack of due diligence on anyone’s part isn’t clear but seems likely.

Anyway, I wish him and his family all the best for the future.

Back to our upcoming games and the team faces a tough week. After Lincoln we face Accrington at home and Sunderland away.

That some fans feel they’d be pleased with a return of 4 points from these 3 games speaks volumes about our current situation.

Lincoln’s recent home form hasn’t been good and we ought to feel confident about getting 3 points.

The club is managed by Michael Appleton. You may remember him from such clubs as WBA, Portsmouth, Blackpool, Blackburn Rovers, Oxford Utd and Leicester City.

Appleton is often humorously linked with any managerial vacancy and looking at the list and his managerial history it’s not hard to see why!

Now is crunch time for Adkins. He must deliver decent performances and evidence that the team is behind him. In addition, he needs to drop the silly number of changes we’ve seen of late and give us the settled side he allegedly is seeking.

I feel there is no hiding place now. The manager has a decent squad that is fit and presumably well drilled. It’s now or never and if it turns out to be never then Nigel simply has to go.

Good luck to everyone travelling up to Lincoln. I hope your loyalty is rewarded with a decent win!

Come On You Reds!


  1. Thass juss wot I think n all. Adkins as to get a decent run of results now n thass includin wins not losses otherwise e as to go n thass all there is to it. Even Lincoln is a tough team to beat. If Adkins can't deliver dahn n away from our gaff, JJ can take over n I reckon e'll do a good job n all.

  2. Taxi for Mr. Adkins....!!

    Just how much more bull**** from another gobby Scouse manager do we have to take? All we hear is "we've had a good week on the training pitch..." "the players are chomping at the bit to get 3 points..." blah blah blah. Then what happens? Lincoln are added to the growing list of division 1 clubs that have taken 3 points off of us this season and we remain in the relegation positions midway through October.

    Sandgaard has to swallow his pride, admit he's made a mistake, get rid of Adkins and bring in someone who has a connection with the club to take over and stop the rot. I listen to the profound knowledge provided by Curbs every week on Charlton TV, if he's not interested in a swan-song return I'm sure Sir Chris would be - and, God forbid I ever agree with the ramblings of a2c, but Jacko & Euell may be worth a punt - but I honestly think it's too soon and unfair for them to be thrown into such a pressurised position in their first step on the managerial ladder.

    Just how long is Sandgaard going to give Adkins?? Waiting until we lose at home to the mighty Accrington Stanley will be 3 days too long in my book. Adkins needs to go NOW.

    1. Anon, I long ago got tired of the spiel of how well it's all going in training! I'd definitely give Jacko and Euell a go supported by Curbs. They've got to start somewhere and sometime. On a temporary basis it's worth a try.
      I'm at a loss to understand how far we need to fall before Thomas intervines.

  3. Jacko and Euell ? Why not? It worked with Curbishley and Gritt. Look at where we are, heading south so what’s to loose ?

  4. Rick, I agree there's nothing to lose by giving them a go. Things can only get worse under Adkins (and Roddy too come to that). Jackson talks so much sense and I think he has the respect of the players and I reckon is a good man manager.
    We can but hope!