Wednesday 20 October 2021

Deeper Into The Abyss!

The downward spiral shows no sign of abating and that’s no surprise if we’re going to leave Adkins in charge.

With each passing game and indeed day matters on the pitch get worse but still nothing seems to happen.

For God’s sake, Sandgaard saw for himself at first hand just how awful things are. I’m annoyed that I’m paying the top price in League One for my seat. He has paid an awful lot more for the “privilege” of enduring last night’s garbage!

Maybe he needs to visit more often to truly appreciate how depressing it all is!

I would have removed Adkins at least 6 weeks ago as the writing was on the wall even then. I may have been in a minority then but I’m sure as hell not now!

The message from the fans last night was loud and clear! I now get the feeling that Adkins will still be in charge on Saturday. Arghh!!

This totally beggars belief and Thomas is losing any hard won goodwill at a rate of knots!

He would do well to seek counsel from those with long standing connections with club. Last night was the perfect opportunity to speak to the likes of Curbs, Steve Sutherland etc. If he didn’t do that, then to put it mildly, it’s a shame.

I note that Shoddy Roddy was sat close by, oh dear! I fear our Ged is the one who is not telling it like it is to save his own job never mind that of the manager.

I suspect that Roddy had a part in Bowyer’s departure. A manager, many times more capable than Adkins.

The silence from Roddy (although I don’t really care what he has to say) is shocking. The silence from Thomas is even worse.

Sandgaard loves using social media but not when it’s crunch time apparently. He needs to come out say how he sees us getting out of this mess. He needs to justify both Adkins and Roddy staying in their positions.

Here we are again and fans aren’t commenting on the football much anymore just the desire to remove at least Adkins.  

There’s little point in me telling you what you already know about the latest spineless display.

We were lucky ( it’s the fine margins you know!) not to go in 2-0 down and a player light at half time yesterday.

Adkins will refer to the 10 minutes where we showed some intent. I make that about 30 to 40 minutes from the last few games where we’ve looked ok. Wow!

Adkins tells us he’s a good man. Really? If so, then do the honourable thing and go. He won’t of course because he’s waiting to be handsomely rewarded for doing such an awful job.

Seeing as this is likely to be his last managerial job then perhaps we can’t blame him to an extent.

This makes me sick to the core and I never thought Sandgaard would be so misguided. Loyalty is great at times but not when it is so misplaced as this.

I simply have no idea what the tipping point is for Sandgaard nor just how far we have to fall.

What a sad state of affairs!


  1. Yeah but we need a protest dahn our gaff on Saturday to get Adkins ahrt cos I can see ourn bein thrashed against Sunderland. Thass ow we got Pardew ahrt n we're eadin for L 2 less someone does somethin so now iss up to the fans to take action cos the owner aint.

  2. Adkins reminds me of when I refereed. Losing managers would accost me in the bar saying they were the better team, they deserved to win, but because I awarded the other side a penalty, or denied them one, I lost them the game. I always asked them how come they didn't score in the other 89 minutes Just one thing 13 minutes into the pre match show (Adkins interview) he said. You have to stand up, be in the spotlight. Otherwise go to a lower club and go through the motions. That doesn't sound like a man who has the dressing room. Finally some one should tell Thomas that and OBE is for services to the community given to school patrol people, postmen who go that extra mile. Martin Edwards

    1. Indeed Martin. I think Adkins has looked increasingly desperate in recent weeks clutching at any straw of an excuse. Fine margins, players fitness, etc. etc.
      Sadly whatever wonderful stuff happening during the week in training never translated on to the pitch where we'd have no more than a 20 odd minute period of good play. Funnily enough it was that and not the other 70 minutes that Nigel would always refer to!
      I'm optimistically referring to him in the past tense. Nice bloke he may be but he needs to go.