Friday 8 October 2021

DJ in PJ

A much changed (what’s new!) Charlton side ran out 4-1 winners over the Saints U21s on Tuesday evening. Even DJ made an appearance!

It says something about the depth of our squad now that we have been able (and indeed willing) to put out relatively strong sides in a competition that is largely regarded as an inconvenience. At the very least it enables players to get in “some fitness” and we know Nigel likes that!

It was refreshing to see Johnnie Jackson emerge from the shadows. I found his post-match comments a most refreshing change from the fitness references and how well it’s all been going in training blah! blah! blah!

He was straight and to the point. I have wondered for a few weeks why Adkins apparently hadn’t allowed Jacko to speak to the media. I, for one, can relate to him much more easily and readily.

The assistant manager spoke of the hurt he’d experienced from the poor start to the season. As ever he was both eloquent and passionate. He fills you with pride and confidence.

Some fans still have reservations about him becoming our manager. I’ve no idea why. The man is so ready and capable. I really hope that he doesn’t end up being an opportunity missed. That would be criminal!

As for the game itself, it would appear to be a comfortable win and goals for Stockley and a number of good performances albeit against an U21 side that don’t appear to be all that can only help can only help.

Adkins has an international break now only missing one realistic first team player as far as I can see. On that basis he has no excuse if he can’t get across his message as to how he wants the team to play.

Upon return to league action we should witness better football and the settled side that Nigel is apparently so keen on as there are no excuses. If not, then the game really is up and he must go.

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  1. Yeah I agree n all. I much prefer JJ n see im more in the Curbs Bowyer mould of gaffer dahn our gaff. Adkins aint cos them 2 would get more ahrt of players Adkins gets less ahrt of them n thass wot we've seen so far on ere.