Friday 22 October 2021

Johnnie Jackson's Red and White Army!

Following a lengthy delay, Nigel Adkins was finally removed as Charlton manager yesterday. I believe that should have happened at least 4 weeks ago.

The unnecessary delay has only worsened our position. Save for the relegation fight, we’re now in our season is effectively over no matter how optimistically the owner tried to spin things yesterday.

Thomas ought to examine how he came to appoint Adkins in the first place. Whoever pointed him in his direction let him down badly. Nigel wasn’t on anyone’s radar except perhaps Ged Roddy’s.

As nice a bloke as he may be Adkins didn’t seem to have a clue. He had no idea as to his preferred starting eleven and was incapable of getting across whatever game plan he sought to implement.

I note on Talksport that Thomas said he would be in dialogue with some prominent figures who have a history with the club. We have to hope that he means the likes of Curbs, Peter Varney to name but two.

I assume it’s too much to hope that Roddy will follow Adkins out the door. If I were Thomas I’d have to review what he has brought to the club.

Ged has been remarkably quiet despite our continued fall down the league, awful results and performances. It’s quite incredible that we’ve heard nothing from him, one zoom meeting aside, when he basically answered questions on the transfer process with the support of Steve Gallen.

Where does Roddy’s responsibility start and end? I ask that because worryingly, simply removing the manager isn’t going to right all the wrongs that we’re experiencing at present.

The lack of fitness, fight and aggression that Thomas spoke about yesterday can’t all be down to Adkins as much as the players clearly didn’t believe in him.

I note that Sandgaard chose to highlight the poor results that led to Adkins’ departure. That’s true but he really ought to have mentioned the absolutely awful football that accompanied them.

I’ve seen a lot of dross at The Valley over the years but under Nigel I’ve witnessed some of, if not the worst.

A number of serious issues need to be addressed. The appointment of Jackson supported by Euell is the first step to addressing the decline.

I’m backing the pair to do well. They need to be given a decent amount of time to sort things out and establish themselves.

I would have given the job to Jackson when Adkins go it. I believe he’s been ready for some time. The doubters point to a lack of experience. No one is ever going to get that if they don’t get given the chance.

We can look at Chris Powell, Bowyer, Nathan Jones etc. as examples of Charlton folk who had no previous before becoming managers. All of them went on to do well albeit that in the case of Jones it is outside of our club.  

I’m aware that some fans are attributing blame to Jackson for the bad results and displays. One can’t escape the fact that he was assistant manager and we assume had some say but one has to wonder how much input he had.

I got the impression that Jackson was being sidelined a great deal of the time. He was much more prominent when Bowyer was manager. I suspect from his comments yesterday that he wasn’t impressed with Adkins approach. Thankfully, he now has the opportunity to do his own thing.

I’m expecting that we will see much better football now and hopefully in turn, results. That must happen.

There could hardly be a tougher start to his reign as Charlton manager. However, given the opposition he shouldn’t he any trouble in getting the players up for it.

The fans love for Jackson and his status as a club legend is already established. If he can be an equally good manager as he was player and captain then he will surely take that even further!

Let’s hope Jackson and the boys get off to a good start tomorrow.

Come On You Reds!




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