Monday 4 October 2021

A Win At Last!

 A win at last and an away one too! In addition, it would appear to be a decent performance.

Great reward for those hardy souls who made the considerable effort to travel to support the team.

The response from the players the players following the Fleetwood equaliser would seem to suggest that the players haven’t given up on Adkins just yet even if the majority of us have!

The win relieves some of the pressure on both players and manager alike.

Again post-match comments from Adkins remain somewhat odd. He continues to reference players fitness and the need for a settled. This after he made another 5 changes to the starting eleven.

Pre-match saw Steve Brown and Curbs infer they didn’t consider it was the way forward and clearly not something they would endorse.

However, the changes on this occasion worked albeit against a lowly and weakened Fleetwood side.

The international break hasn’t come at a great time (when does it ever!) but allows time to recharge bodies and perhaps work on fitness if this really is an issue.

Adkins has no excuse if, following this hiatus, he can’t get across his plans and tactics to this squad of not untalented players.

Let’s hope we can push on from here. The play-offs really look out of sight but one can at least hope that results and almost as importantly, performances can improve.

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  1. Yeah I agree on the ole with wot your sayin but Adkins is still on borrowed time dahn our gaff. If e don't get a run of good results then we're back to square one n someone else like JJ will ave to take it on but less see wot appens n if the players get better n all on ere.