Friday 2 December 2016

Another New Dawn !

Just waiting for Skip to lift it up next May !

Another quiet week in S.E.7 then !

Mind you, it wouldn’t be the same if there were a week where pretty much nothing happened. As far as I can see a week where Roly and Katrien are exposed for further ridicule would appear to be de rigueur.

Emails from Roly to Sir Chris are made public and clearly demonstrate that the owner was interfering with team selection. However, Roland confirms that he hasn’t ever interfered with team selection - just made a couple of suggestions as you do ! Hmm !

However, we knew all this before of course because Katrien told us, so it must be true ! Oh ye of little faith !

Aside from the team selection, the man offers up advice on formations and is patronising in the extreme. I very much doubt Roly treats his immediate managers in the businesses in which he’s made his fortune in this fashion. Anyone would be off like a shot if so ( unless you’re the CEO of a London football club )..

We really ought to try and break down the 1.5% of his time that he allegedly devotes to our club. Clearly none of it is spent of planning ( he does have a plan doesn’t he ? ) and it would appear it is almost entirely spent on explaining the mess he and his sidekick have created.

With each passing day he becomes more of a public laughing stock. His credibility is on a par with Katrien’s. How he ever succeeded in business is a bigger mystery than why he bought our club.

Anyway back to the manager and Robinson is the latest person to keep the seat warm in the  greatest game of managerial musical chairs sans la musique – there’s nothing to sing about !

This is an odd game with a potential conflict of interest. Robinson allegedly wants Barker ( the current MK Dons boss ) to join his managerial team. If so and you’re in Barker’s shoes what do you do ?

Hmmm ! A right old dilemma and no mistake.

If Barker does join Robinson’s team he’ll find himself working alongside Chris O’Loughlin. He’d be forgiven for asking “ Chris who ? “.

At this week’s press conferences Robinson said that he had personally asked for CO’L to stay on as he was scheduled to leave. I’m finding it hard to believe that he wants someone retained whom he’s barely met as far as I know. In any case managers usually prefer to bring in their own team.

Possibly even more remarkable is that CO’L was originally appointed to the football management team for about a month ? Really ? How very odd !

I’m sorry I’m not buying that and let’s just see how long he sticks around “ dahn our gaff ! “. I’m sure that a2c can explain it all in his or her usual Jabberwocky style.

We now enter the world Robinson’s tippy tappy football. Sadly, a great amount of possession won’t win you games – goals scored is still the key factor. Let’s see if Karl’s changed his ways at all.

If he doesn’t berate referees and blame them for everything that goes wrong then we’ll know he’s changed a bit at least.

Robinson has talked very excitedly about his new job. He’s been acting like a kid in a sweet shop. Therefore, as a number of people have observed, it seems strange that he deferred starting the role until this Monday.

Sheff Utd in the league or MK Dons in the cup………you decide !

I’m not going tomorrow and it won’t be until 17th December that I get see to Robinson’s brave new world.

Good luck to those attending and I hope that you are rewarded with a win like the one in the previous round. 

A plum tie at home in the 3rd round would be good. It would offer a platform to further highlight our current situation.

I know not everyone is studiously following our club but I never cease to be amazed at the number of people who are ignorant of our plight. Mention of Charlton to some folk gets the response of “ How are you doing ? You’re in the Championship arent’ you ? What do you mean about your terrible owner ? “

Clearly plenty still to be educated then !

Come On You Reds !


  1. Another embarrassing week for the regime but I don't think anyone was surprised with the revelations we heard in the excellent 'Getting to know the regime'. What I am surprised about is this need to bash up and undermine Robinson (not just on this blog) before the guy has even had 1 game in charge. I thought the motto was support the team not the regime? The manager may have been appointed by the regime but he is clearly part of the team.

    Previous network appointments: Riga, Luzon, Peters and Fraye never received this personal abuse following their appointments so why is non-network appointed Robinson? There was scepticism of course with previous appointments but never judgement before they'd sat in the dugout. We're talking about a young guy in only his second managerial job who is coming into a difficult working environment. He may well not go on to be the next Alan Curbishley but give the guy a chance!


    1. Thanks for your comment Tom. I appreciate what you say. Living in MK as I do I'm all too well aware of Karl as a manager. I also know several people that watch the Dons. None of them were very positive about him. I'm very sceptical about him especially given previous dismissive comments towards our club. I'll allow him a Road to Damascus moment and give him the benefit of the doubt on that. However, I'm finding it hard to believe a couple of things he's said. I don't think he's right for us. Naturally I'd love to be proved wrong. Please be assured I won't be booing him or chanting any nonsense in his direction. I've never done that to any Charlton manager or player. I always do get behind the team.

    2. Fair points Phil. I'm sure MK Dons fans were happy enough when he got them promotion though. No manager has and endless upward curve of success and he is only 6 years into his managerial career. I actually quite like his bullish attitude (CAFC are the biggest club in League 1...) - with all the negativity that the regime has caused, it's quite refreshing for some positive comments to be made in relation to our club. Also, I don't think he'll take any sh1t from the regime which means it could be fun to watch (whilst it lasts).


    3. I hope you're right on all that Tom. If so, it'll be fun as you say !

  2. Fair point but one of the reasons Robinson has attracted so much negativity is probably as a result of his brash and arrogant attitude, previous comments about CAFC or the fact that he was "sold a vision" by Roland. The last one is particularly disturbing as we, as fans, have not seen a plan let alone a vision that builds our club back up to where it once was. Take your coin and walk away / get pushed (at some point).

    1. Anon, indeed. I can't believe he's so niave as to not know an awful lot more than he lets on about our situation. Time will tell if he's a success, I sincerely hope he is.