Monday 19 December 2016

Talking Tosh !

Calm Down ! Calm Down !

A truly woeful performance from The Addicks was not what the doctor ordered ahead of three successive away games the first of which is the Millwall game that means just a bit to us stupid customers.

There’s no doubt that the players should take the lion’s share of responsibility for the poor fare that was served up on Saturday. Fans will pretty much forgive even the most inept player if they feel they are giving 100%. Indeed, this is something Robinson told us was a given when he was appointed.

It’d be disappointing if amongst all Robinson’s hyperbole he didn’t take time out to slate the team for that sub-standard effort.

There are many things that baffle me Lookman on set pieces is one but of greatest concern is not playing Chicksen. The lad could play wide left or his preferred left back position.

He has been the stand out player in recent weeks but the gaffer couldn’t find a place for him in the starting eleven. Even then whilst Fox was having an awful game he didn’t feel the need to get him on until the 69th minute whilst Morgan stayed on.

Whilst Posh will be mightily pleased with their second goal, The Addicks can only view it as terrible defending. Not least a cynical foul was needed to stop their player’s run well before he got into a shooting position.

Many will argue that Robinson should be allowed the January transfer window to get in the players he needs and that injuries aren’t helping. That has to be acknowledged of course. However, there has not been any improvement in the team since the Liverpudlian’s arrival.

A battling display against Bradford aside it’s not been good. Nugent had the team playing well and scoring goals. Why is it that Robinson doesn’t seem capable of getting a performance anywhere near that ?

He continues to talk, talk and talk ! A lot of the time I don’t think he even pauses for thought. In one post-match interview he nearly swore but just corrected himself in time.

We are now treated to him given us his plans pre-match. Karl, I don’t care because when it all goes t**s up you look a mug.

He continues to talk up every player and everything about the club including the claim that transfer fees for players go through the roof when Charlton come calling. Should we be surprised that clubs want to get the best fee for their players ?

Robinson has expressed the desire to meet fans but when time allows. Fair enough I’m sure he’s busy but don’t be so na├»ve as to go out in Greenwich the night before the game. It sends all the wrong messages especially in light of that “ when time allows “ comment.

More arrant nonsense from him when in attempting to assure us that he understands what the Millwall game means as he describes it as a battle. Eh ? It’s a game of football albeit a significant and meaningful one. However, a battle it is not !

I fear that with that sort of talk he’ll over-excite the players ( and some fans too ), discipline will be lost and it’s not hard to envisage someone getting a red card.

Right from the start Robinson has shown little understanding of the club’s situation declaring himself a footballing Henry Kissinger who can heal all rifts. At the same time we will be witnessing this expansive brand of football that will have us on the edge of our seats.

On occasion he seems overwhelmed and increasingly he looks out of his depth. He’ll need to keep a lid on things on Wednesday and that means himself as much as the players. A calm and rational approach is needed in what is guaranteed to be a hostile atmosphere.

What has played out so far is exactly what I feared when Robinson was appointed. I’ve little doubt that he will spout some more guff in the next two days. If this is followed by a gutless and poor performance then the pressure ramps up, even at this early stage of his tenure.

Results are all important and that is never more true than when playing the Lions. I hope for his sake and the club’s that he can somehow get a result and claw back some credibility.

Come On You Reds !


  1. Great article,I think a lot of happy clappers back in MK are now seeing Robbo for what he is, full of wind & p*** it's just a shame that the glorious cafc have copped for him to add to the catalogue of woes. Might be the straw that breaks the camels back but you've got a lot more waffle and blarney to put up with unfortunately! ��

    1. Anon, indeed plenty more waffle to come with only 1.5% of it from Belgium.

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