Wednesday 21 December 2016

No Christmas Cheer !

How long before Robinson gets the sack too ?

Defeat at Millwall is never a surprise and sadly, it was even less so under our media luvvie manager. 

I had a wry smile yesterday when in one of his many interviews Robinson expressed the view that talk is cheap and action on the pitch is what is needed. I didn't view this as a road to Damascus moment for Karl. Old habits die hard and this leopard won't have changed his spots.

Aside from that we didn't see any action or result on the pitch of note tonight. This set of players and indeed the manager to be fair aren't alone in expressing their understanding of the importance of this game only going on the succumb all too easily.

You have to feel for all those Addicks that went tonight. Never a nice place to go and given the re-arrangement of the game at this time of year an extra effort was needed. Sadly that wasn't matched by the players.

However, the typical Millwall defeat, whilst always  hard to take, can usually be forgotten as the next game offers a chance of redemption. Sadly given Robinson's impact to date none of the upcoming games offers any such hope.

As ever post-match and shooting from the hip the manager says he's going to sit down with every players and demand the truth........whatever that means !

Now apparently there are certain aspects of this club that he's not happy with. Please enlighten us Karl ? Perhaps it is the massive management team or perhaps the massive PR team. I'd love to know.

The players are rightly getting stick ( the defending was awful ) but one wonders what has happened since Nugent handed over to Robinson. In these last two games it's been dire. Have the players lost all faith in him already ?

Of course the malaise goes well beyond this squad and manager and as we know it won't disappear until Roly and co leave. It does however, get worse every time you don't believe it possibly can.

I don't believe the arrival of Barker and the probable departure of Nugent is about to make matters any better. Someone ought to lock The Valley gates and stop Kevin leaving the building - it might just be our only hope !

God help me I'm going to the Boxing Day game and in the meantime I'm going to try and enjoy Christmas. I suspect there'll be a collective wish as we pull the wishbones on Christmas Day and we'll only know if it's worked when Roly has packed his bags !


  1. Well What a gutless performance AGAIN and I had to laugh when you mentioned the amazing supporters who went last night made an extra effort to be at the Den last night, with transport difficulties. I take my hat off toy, but he mentioning the extra effort.
    PMSL, but seriously there was not any ordinary effort from the players (the lot of them) as against extra effort. They should all hang their heads in shame and my gut feeling Robinson has lost the dressing room already in just over 2 weeks.
    What a shame Nugent did not carry on and yes the injuries were there then, but no doubt he will be shown the door and Barker (or whatever his name is) coming in and Robinson will state, well he a brilliant coach, who I have worked with over the years.
    Players should forgo their vast inflated salaries and give to the local hospitals. an absolute disgrace from top to bottom at CAFC and every area too, including some of the media. Well a disgrace AGAIN THE LOT OF YOU.

  2. John, agree about them giving up some of their pay. In addition to donations to hospitals they ought to refund the Addicks that went last night. One final payment too in the direction of the Trust and / or protest fund. I wonder what guff Robinson has in store for us over Yuletide.

  3. Also starting to debate whether to make the trip to Milton Keynes on Boxing Day, of course the rhetoric will be about 'seeking a reaction' from the players. The honeymoon period for Robinson is well and truly over, injuries or no injuries.

    I was one who thought that perhaps Robinson should be afforded a protest free start to his reign but I am starting to think that it wouldn't matter if we had Jose Mourinho, Arsene Wenger and Antonio Conte in the dugout, no manager can succeed under this regime. Therefore the only change that can bring an upturn in fortunes is a change in regime.

  4. SA, the regime change is the priority and I think most managers would struggle under it. Sadly Robinson isn't remotely qualified to handle the job and has shown spectacular naivety that becomes increasingly apparent with every utterance.

  5. He doesn't read the press evidently (too busy). Too busy to, it seems, to follow though on his pledge to meet fans and from the evidence so far, too busy to coach anything half decent into the team (the same players that Nugent had performing). 2017 could be worse than 2016 if Roly stays. Happy Christmas fellow dejected Addicks.

    1. David, absolutely. Too busy to be out in Greenwich the night before a game too ! As I observed before why try and change the system when you readily acknowledge you don't have the players to fit the system ! Doh !

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