Saturday 24 December 2016

Merry Christmas ( nearly everyone ) !

Merry Christmas folks !

I hope all Addicks enjoy the festive period even if the Scrooge-like figure of Duchatelet still looms large over out club.

I'm posting late as even in the pre-Roly era there was a sacking and new appointment on Christmas Eve and there may have been something to report. 10 Years later and Pardew finds himself out of work at Yuletide rather than in it. Such a shame for one of the most obnoxious people in football.

Robinson has given the players ( or maybe himself ? ) the day off tomorrow. Only time will tell if that proves to be a productive move or not. At least the lads won't have to listen to him blathering away and filling their heads with nonsense.

We've had a little break from him too as another corpulent red-faced figure takes centre stage.

One suspects the respite won't last long and Karl the Parle will find himself behind a mic pre-match on Boxing Day telling us all about his cunning plan to beat his old club.

No doubt Robinson will be welcomed back in MK. Naturally, fans of any club would be delighted to see him in the long as it's the opposition's.

He finds himself coming under some pressure now and almost all self-inflicted. Talking up players and endless babble about playing expansive football has led to that. Now we find ourselves at the point where he's hanging his hat on working some miracles in the January transfer window.

Good luck with that !

As I pointed out some while ago if they current players don't fit the system, don't use it. Play to your strengths. Sadly it would appear that Robinson can't see that.

I'm not sure any failure on his part that led to him being dismissed would greatly damage his career. After all, he can cite a clueless owner, not given enough time and / or money etc. etc. In that respect he has nothing to lose and a decent sum of money to gain.

Following Wednesday's defeat and our previous two games against the Dons I'm not expecting a result of any kind on Boxing Day.

Surely Chicksen can't be overlooked again and ought to start in his natural left back position. I fail to understand how he can't get the nod over Fox.

I shall be making the short trip to see the game but won't be expecting a Christmas Cracker !

Anyway forget all that if you can and have a good day tomorrow with whoever you are celebrating with.

Come On You Reds !


  1. Best of the season to you and yours, Phil.

  2. Thanks Ken. I hope you have a great day.

  3. Yeah n Appy Christmas to K n R the best owners we've ever ad.

  4. A merry to one and all, including the irrepressible a2c. Who I hope will in the new year be blessed with enough common sense to realise that the people engaged in resisting the ownership are motivated in doing so by their compassionate connection to CAFC, what else?. COYR.
    We're all real fans, unfortunately some are so pig headedly mistaken that even two relegations to the fourth tier would not be enough to change their minds!

  5. A 'nappy Christmas' sounds about right, with the usual content.