Tuesday 27 December 2016

Christmas Cracker !

Trump is meeting with Robinson and his entourage today.

It certainly wasn't a cracker yesterday - no hat ( trick ) certainly no joke other than the one on us for paying to watch such bilge and the only novelty was us winning.

I keep thinking I have watched the worst football Charlton has ever played and then hey presto along comes another contender. In making tenuous connections to our American cousins another Charlton, Heston wouldn't have approved of yesterday's insipid game as there was hardly a shot.

As has been observed elsewhere the game hinged on two things.......one the removal of Bowditch due to injury and a moment of quality from Lookman that was out of keeping with the rest of what the Addicks produced.

The oppo spurned a couple of good chances to score and that was to cost them dear. I'm not sure they even had a shot on target in the second half. They were as poor as us in a game that featured two poor sides. 

Almost any other team in the league ( and few from leagues below ) would have beaten us yesterday. 
The atmosphere ( if you can call it that ) was awful and was even worse than ours is at the moment. 

Post match and Robinson was celebrating like we'd won the league with high fives all round. Not unusual scenes in that stadium and an indication of how high or perhaps low Karl is setting the bar.

Again we were not allowed to sit in the lower tier which is ridiculous. If this is done with a view to lessening the impact the away fans have then it's not working as the Dons have one league game since March.

I suggest that we do the same in the reverse fixture and only open the upper part of the Jimmy Seed or even better put their fans down the far end of the East Stand. 

The subsequent interview saw Robinson spout his usual nonsense. Blah blah passion....blah blah desire.....blah blah this football club......blah blah playing for the badge.....blah blah.....pride.

It was the usual rubbish that most of us have now tired of listening too. He even pledged his life tot he club ! My God ! Just for once think before you speak.

He even referred to meeting some Millwall fans in a pub and looking forward to seeing them again. Er how about you meet with our fans first as you promised although when time allows of course !

Laughably he referred to meeting the President today. The Commander in Chief no less ! Of course he's not really seeing Trump but another septuagenarian with bad hair and silly views !

He is travelling with Barker, Miere and Skip. Thus the rest of the lads will no doubt be having a laugh as Jacko has to spend a couple of days listening to Karl babble on whilst the lads back home have a break. 

It is worrying that they are watching a Sint Truden game. What is the purpose of that other than to look at a couple of their players. Surely that's all it can be because otherwise why doesn't Roly come over here rather than all that lot go over there.

In any case why bother at all as in all football matters he usually defers to his niece, Katrien. If he does feel the need to be consulted then surely a meeting via a videolink would suffice for the man who doesn't give us more than 1.5% of time.

Robinson has stated what players he wants and if he gets them then he'll have to get them producing some good football. I find it hard to understand why he can't get better of the existing squad.

As you'll have gathered I don't think he can deliver despite all his talk. The January transfer window will be " massive " for him but very few clubs ever enjoy any success. He'll need an awful lot of luck.

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  1. When we lose Lookman in January we really will be in the soft and nasty, and with 10 million in Rolys pocket as big Karl said prices are going to rise.