Friday 8 October 2010

Reidy ! Reidy !

                                 Let's hope our boys can make a monkey out of Reid P tomorrow

Every week we hear " Reidy ! Rediy ! " before our manager finally sees sense and brings on the great man. Tomorrow we may hear it from all corners of the ground as the " Home " fans chant their manager's name. Let's hope not though as the singing for our Reidy on its own would suggest the Addicks were on top with him having delivered another peach of a cross !

I took in my first Charlton paint pot trohpy game on Tuesday and my initial apathy disappated when I saw that both teams had named strong sides. Overlooking the first few minutes during which we conceded one of the worst goals ever ( blimey that's saying something ! ) we did well I thought.

Why Parky didn't start with Fortune and Dailly at the back I don't know as it was an ideal situation to try out the pairing. Doherty of late has been giving me childhood flashbacks and I half expect to hear Kent Walton's voice saying " greetings grapple fans " as Doherty attempts to wrestle another striker to the floor. He had a bloody go on Tuesday night ! Jackie Pallo sans hair !

At last Martin played in behind a lone striker who can hold the ball up for him. Sadly I think tomorrow Benson may return and Martin will be benched. Lee has received some criticism from some quarters but for me he is a class act and one of the few quality players we have. He has the ability to do things most of the rest in our side can't. He doesn't lack for effort either and keeps going. Where he played Tuesday is his best position for us, I hope he's back there soon and behind Abbott or Sodje.

Benson doesn't do it for me at all but I won't mind if he can prove me wrong, just can't see it though. Wagstaff will no doubt start as his goals have been a revelation and he is top scorer. He remains inconsistent and mostly ineffectual for me and I firmly believe the term " impact sub " was invented for him.  
I assume the wardrobe will keep his place in long do we have to wait for Solly to return !

Can you believe that Plymouth are without 3 players on international duty. Imagine us having 3 players good enough to play international football ? Imagine us without 3 of our best ? We would no doubt get a hiding, whether we can inflict that on Argyle remains a mystery that will only be finally answered at 4.55pm tomorrow.

Let's hope that when that final whistle goes our Pete will again be feeling " grey ".......................

                                                        Ah yes I remember it well...............

Come On You Reds !

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