Tuesday 12 October 2010

Away at Home..................Park

 Francis was called away to do something off the pitch that he rarely does on it...........deliver.

Yes, our right back headed home to be at the birth of his child. It would seem to make sense not to disturb the first choice central pairing of Dailly and Fortune, however, Parky opted to move Dailly to right back and bring the of late, ponderous, Doherty back in. I'd have preferred to see Fry or even Llera come in.

Wagstaff again appears to have had a quiet game perhaps injury was the reason but bringing him off the bench would probably have avoided that and it's the best role for him. Martin made some impact when he came on and to me it seems crazy to leave the guy out of the side.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Benson score not once but twice. Clearly he's not going to score outside the box but a goal's a goal and you've got to be in there. I'd still have started with Abbott and Martin but it's hard to argue against goals albeit that Pawel and Lee might have done better.........we'll never know.

We were undone by poor defending from the throw and a terrific strike. As I understand it we played well and obviously battled back well from being behind twice.

Sadly our poor form away is costing us, just two or three more points gained outside the Valley would see us right up there. Hey ho ! Now we need to really play well in the next 5 league games against better opposition.

Let's hope we can do so and secure the results to get us to the top.

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  1. Don't be fooled by some of the reports. I was there and the 1st half was as bad as any half we played this season. The second half in contrast was better than any half we played this season,
    But for some lucky goalkeeping we could have been at least 3 down by half time. On the other hand if we play like we did in the second half we would walk this league.