Sunday 3 October 2010

The B's

The day started well with a comfortable journey from Milton Keynes Central station to Kew Bridge. Cross the road to the Waggon and Horses ( note that waggon is a variant spelling of wagon according to my dictionary ). This is an excellent pub with good food and a toothsome pint of London Pride. I'd recommend it for future visits to Brentford however, the landlady confirmed it's to be knocked down in December as a new pub is to be built by the***cks ( b number 1 ) !

A leisurely stroll to the ground, programme purchased ( obviously Brentford are a wealthy club as the programme has a laminated cover, something we can't afford apparently ! ) squeezed our way onto the terracing. Good show of Addicks in good voice....all rather splendid........then the ref blew his whistle for kick off........bu**er !

Francis gave an immediate demonstration of his impressionist was bedroom furniture........" today I'm mostly being a wardrobe " and a heavy old oak one at that and riddled with woodworm too. Weston had little difficulty in skipping past him to get in an early rasping shot.......a portent of things to come.....bother !

Not long after goal number one arrived sadly scored by Alexander who in my opinion should have booked for winding up Addicks fans with his celebration. He joined by a Father Christmas look-a-like in the home stand who really ought to have known better. Last year's Bees fan, " you're not fit to be a dad " was lurking sheepishly at the back of the stand this year and was probably glad to this loon getting all the attention....bas**rds.

Like buses goal number two wasn't far behind as the Addicks continued to look**dy hell !

Mercifully half time came and only getting an extra pound in my change in error at the snack bar gave any remote cause to feel anything other than thoroughly pi**ed off !

Parky then made changes and had the sort of side he should have started with. How Wagstafff kept his place is beyond me. How Francis stayed on I'll never know. Why Fry was subbed is a mystery as he was playing ok and nothing got past him. Reid clearly should have started and Parky is the only connected with Charlton that doesn't seem to understand that. Benson is clearly not the answer and increasingly seems like a poor man's Luke Varney.........lots of running but too lightweight to do anything what so ever......blimey !

Nice guy though Parky is I'm afraid his time is nearly up unless something dramatic changes. We have the players to do so much better, they need better guidance than they're getting now. I know we can't afford to sack him so why not change his job title and make Kinsella the boss. 

It's still a mystery to me why when we don't have any money we have an assistant manager and a coach ? I'd like to know how those roles are defined !

All in all it's not looking good. At least there's the relief of the paint pot trophy on Tuesday. I wonder if Parky will try 3-5-2 although who to leave out of the previous back four is a real tester eh ?


  1. "Benson is clearly not the answer and increasingly seems like a poor man's Luke Varney."

    I would dearly love to believe that. But truth be told, he's a bankrupt man's Andy Gray. 30 yo journeyman strikers don't just suddenly get good. We got Sir Clive, a known gem from an unfashionable club, for three times as much, and that was 13 years ago.
    Right now Benson could aspire to be Garry Nelson, and I for one would applaud that. But that looks a big step from where he is.

  2. Agreed, I'd accept something approaching a Garry Nelson but as you say that seems a long way off.