Wednesday 27 October 2010

The Owls

" I've just got married "
" You twit, to who ! "

Sheffield Wednesday visit the Valley on Saturday for an interesting encounter. Years ago this would have been an ornithologist's delight at a time when we were the Robins. Plenty to crow about but no accusations of players feathering their nest.......just good old honest, not that sort Wayne !

Managers would be wondering about who to play on the wing. Should they shell out on new players or can the present ones crack it. Enough, is cheep !

This match of course sees the return of Nicky Weaver. Rather than being heralded as " Charlton's number 1 " as he once was I'm guessing we may hear a reprise of the chants he used to get when he visited us in a City shirt. Personally I hope we don't, not that I have any great affection for the man. I thought he was a decidedly average keeper who was clueless on crosses, slow off his line with poor distribution to boot. I just think it's unnecessary to abuse him, there are plenty of other former players far more deserving of some heckling.

The Owls arrive in 4th place in the league despite some erratic form this season. Like us they have lost at Brentford, rather more surpirsingly though as they were flying ( sorry ) at the time. They've been here ( as in the third tier ) before of course and like many other clubs, it took them a while to get out of it. Again, like us they are not flush with the cash at present, however, I'm sure someone will buy them as they represent an attractive proposition.

Last week's late winner spared Parky some more detailed examination of how we could blow a 3 goal lead such was the relief. In my view playing Doherty didn't help ( what had he done to merit inclusion ) and a change of formation before they scored their first might have made a difference.

As Nelson from Views from an Iberian Valley observes their defence was already makeshift before kick off and two injuries inside the first 30 minutes didn't help their cause. That and the fact that we conceded 3 goals has, like many others, helped me rein in my excitement or belief that we may have " turned a corner ".

I live in the hope that Parky may go 3-5-2 but it'll never happen. I'd say we've nothing to lose by it ( other than a game of football ) and sometimes you have to be brave. I can't see what we miss by not having Francis in defence ( although last week he looked better going forward than at any time during his CAFC career maybe something in that ).

Fortune should, of course, return in place of Doherty and Benson must play in a more advanced role. Joe should partner him on last week's evidence.

Another huge away following will ensure some atmosphere again. I hope that if it does go pear-shaped again that we don't get a load of booing or abuse directed at Parky. Never very constructive or nice in my view. I think registering your disatisfaction by leaving early is more productive.

I don't think Parky is man who'll get us into the Championship or sadly, at present, even into the play-offs. I've no wish to see us lose on Saturday or at any time and let's hope we get a win. Just don't think he has what it takes with a group of players who he's largely chosen and should do a lot better.

The worry is what will happen at Christmas time. We face the possibility of losing both Fortune and Fry ( sounds like a comedy double act ) and I don't think we can afford to. Who might be sold in the transfer window is also of worry. We have to hope that come the ned of the year we are in a play-off spot at least and that that may go some way to encouraging them to stay.

Come On You Reds !

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