Monday 4 October 2010

MK Dons Part 2

A rarely seen tin of Johnstone's paint

I've often wondered what some companies and organisations get out of sponsoring various sporting events. Some are more high profile than others of course but some are so insignificant that you wonder if it's worth the outlay of cash.

The paint pot trophy must be a case in point. I'll confess to not being a diy enthusiast.......quite the opposite in fact. However, I've never seen a tin of Johnstone's in any diy store and neither has anyone I've ever asked about it. Even if I did see one and I was looking to buy paint I'd probably go for a pot of dulux over the aforementioned.........I don't know if it's any good.

I guess that the sponsorship must give Johnstone's some sort of return perhaps they secured the Forth Bridge conract on the back of it.....who knows.

All this mindless speculation is an attempt to avoid thinking too much about tomorrow night's high octane encounter with MK Dons and yes, I've got a ticket and yes, I'm going. Quite how many fellow Addicks will be there is anyone's guess. I think I might be part of Charlton's lowest ever away following. To be honest if I didn't live up here I wouldn't bother. However, I do and at £6 a ticket I thought I'd give it a go although I suspect I may come away thinking that's one evening I'll not get back again !

I don't care too much about whether we win, last week's league game was far more important. It does though give Parky a chance to experiment and do some wacky things. Perhaps he might start with Reid ! Perhaps he might not play the underperforming Benson and Wagstaff. Perhaps he might omit Francis. Perhaps he might play Martin in behind a lone striker who can win flick ons, hold up the ball and lay the ball of for him.

One can but hope. Let's hope that these two games watching from the stands will enable Parky to see the things that we lesser mortals can see from the comfort of our seats week in, week out.

If he does and he changes things and we start winning and in style maybe I'll go out and paint the town red...........not with a tin of Johnstone's though of course !

Come On You Reds !

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  1. well Phil, if you want a competition I can remember attending a game away at Newcastle, must have been 1988, Colin Walsh broke his leg in the same game, anyway, there were only about 50 Charlton fans out there, we all got busses back to Newcastle station in Police vehicles to keep us out of bother. Anyone going to beat that, I am sure they can/will!