Sunday 17 October 2010

It's deja vu all over again

Press rewind
My immediate thoughts after yesterday's game were that Parky has to go. Nice bloke may be but clearly looking increasingly clueless with little to no hope of getting us promoted. However, after a night's sleep and chance to gather some rational thoughts.............I'm absolutely convinced he's got to go.

I think our manager may be guilty of not doing his homework or if he did, either not sharing his findings with the team or failing to get the message across.

The two corners in quick succession in the first half being a case in point. No one picked up the man on the edge of the area for either one. Hmmm that was blindingly obvious before it happened the first time and there's no excuse when you have everyone back to " defend " it.

How should players defend a short corner ? I'm sure the Year 6's in my school could answer that one. You need two players to go out.........not one note, as the other two will simply pass the ball until one of them is able to deliver a telling cross. I witnessed us exhibit that poor defending too on more than one occasion yesterday.

You needn't have left the comfort of your living room to know what Lua Lua did from a free kick last week against Bournemouth but all hope went when we allowed him to score again in similar vein.

Some may argue that the players have to take responsibility for the disaster that was yesterday. To a certain extent true but it's the manager who picks the team, decides the tactics and formation and yesterday, like farting in a lift, it was wrong on every level.

After midfielders, fullbacks do the most running in the team. Therefore, to pick the ageing Dailly to again play in that position was a crass decision. This was highlighted in no greater way than when Christian pushed the ball past their fullback but was unable to pick it up again as he was outpaced.

Aside from the above Parky disrupted his first choice centre back pairing to play Dailly there. Why do that ? As I remarked recently, Doherty has looked ponerous of late and he did again yesterday. Absolutely     shocking for the second goal......I know you get a bit more time in tier 3 but not that long I'm afraid.

You've got to ask why Fry didn't start. One of our best players and clearly possesses some quality and due to leave after Christmas.......hmmm wonder if he'll be back. Can't blame if he decides not to return........if he can't get into our team........!

I'd not have started with Benson but he has scored and clearly is quite effective in the box. However, that being the case why is it that he's the one coming deep to get the ball. Surely he should be trying to get on the end of Abbott flicks and knock ons. At the least he needs to be closer to the goal doesn't he given that he's not going to score outside the box !!!

What of yesterday's subsitutions ? Why on earth did the wardrobe monster come on ? What did he add ? Even I felt embarrassed for him as Lua Lua left him for dead. Point is it wasn't a positive substitution. We needed to win the game. We needed an attacking substitution be got a defensive one !

Is it too much to hope for that Parky could change our formation or style of play ? He must know how to combat a team playing 4-3-3. It was always the same when the keeper had the ball........classic formation with the two centre backs on the corner of the area and the full backs wider with Kish also free if needed. Our front two spent much of the afternoon chasing after the ball.

Our recent results of late are just not good enough. Dagenham should have been taken to the cleaners, we were poor first half against a Bentford team low on confidence and desperate for a result. We shaded it against a poor MK Dons team that again hadn't won in ages, without several key players and devoid of confidence.

On paper we have better players than Brighton ( Lua Lua aside ) sadly on grass it looked totally the opposite. The Seagulls played to a system and were well organised with the right players in the right positions. I was pleased that Kish both got a warm welcome and did well. He looked so comfortable yesterday.

The team still hasn't " gelled ", isn't playing to its potential and Parky still doesn't seem to know his best team. He simply has to go because we have the players to do so much better than this. Yesterday showed what soemone can achieve with a well organised and drilled side.

I know some will say we can't afford to sack him. Perhaps we should ask ourselves if we can afford not to !


  1. well written.

    I'd put money in a pot for a fan financed return of Alan Curbishley.

    Chris Powell has a 100% record as manager, after his time as caretaker of Leiceter...

  2. Not a bad idea! I'd put in a little extra in a pot to get them both as a management team.

    We are the same fans that got the team back to the Valley. The time as come to unite once more and do something before it is too late.

    It is promotion or bust this season.

  3. Chris Powell seems more probable as he would be the cheaper option. He did well as caretaker manager for a struggling side. He could do his tunnel jump after victory!!

    You are not alone in your opinion of getting back Curbishley...

  4. Chris Powell would be a very good manager