Sunday 24 October 2010

Away Win At Last

A Benson double helped the Addicks to all 3 points

We all know there's a fine line between success and failure and nothing demonstrates that better than yesterday's game. It could have ended up 3-3 or even a 4-3 defeat for the Addicks but thankfully we came away with the win.

Fair play to Benson who scored two more goals and is starting to show why Parky bought him. He's not a favourite of mine but perhaps that's because he's not been used to best effect as suggested by his former manager. Leave him up and around the box and it seems he'll get goals or be in there with a chance. Not something we do most of the time.

I'm guessing that at 3-3 yesterday we all feared the worst with a repeat of Shrewsbury. Fortunately that didn't happen.

Francis had a part in the first two goals, no idea what his defending was like but he did well there. Joe appears to have had a good game. So too, Wagstaff who as we know needs to be more consistent.

We did well in scoring 4 goals away, that at any ground is good and particulalry at Carlisle where away goals have been thin on the ground. I'm not getting carried away though, we need to look at how we nearly blew it and I make no apology for it. Carlisle were already hit by injuries and lost another two players in the first 30 minutes. This particulalry hit their already makeshift defence. It was not unreasonable to expect we might and perhaps should make something out of that.

The defensive errors were there for all to see. I cant understand how Doherty keeps his place. He was shocking against Brighton and yesterday too it seems. Not sure what he was doing for a couple of goals as he looked to have lost his player. Ponderous is my description of Doherty of late and it looked like it again. In my opinion Fortune should be in there. I hope he returns on Saturday.

For me the question marks over Parky remain, I'd love to be proved wrong and that he gets the team playing winning football in the next few games. I just doubt it. Yes, players need to take some of the blame. However, the manager must get them organised and instill some self-belief.

The Owls on Saturday present another test, let's hope we can pass it. If we do and we can build on it and improve, I'll be happy to hold up my hand and say I'm wrong.

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