Friday 15 October 2010

Brighton Rock Up

7-0 ! I should have known better ! Like the wedding cake it was all to end in tiers.

Saturday sees us play against the league leaders. I hold no particular grudge with the Seagulls but there are some bad memories. The day I got engaged we lost 7-0 away to the team then from the Goldstone Ground.........since the relationship, like recent Addicks managers, was subsequently a failure perhaps I should have taken note of the score.........the football gods were trying to tell me something !

However, it's not all bad news and I've enjoyed a few weekends in Brighton over the years which has seen visits to the nearby Dripping Pan to see Lewes play whilst quaffing a few pints of Harvey's and many an enjoyable night at the town's Komedia club seeing some of the best stand ups.

As Ketts suggests Parky faces something of a defensive dilema. It's such a shame that Solly got injured when did and in keeping with injuries to our players of late this one is taking a long time to recover from. I sometimes think our players would be better off with a straight forward broken leg as they'd be back in action quicker.........why is it our players are out for so long ? We now know that Youga is out for the season...unbelievable. I have real doubts he'll ever play for us or perhaps anyone again.

I can't see Parky going 3-5-2 so guess that the Wardrobe Monster will return at right back. I'd like to see Fortune and Dailly as the central pairing but reckon he'll opt for Doherty and bench Fortune. I'd go for Fry at left back but expect to see Jackson there instead.

Can't think we'll see anything other than Benson partnering Abbott or Martin. I still don't think Benson's all that but it's hard to argue against goals I guess. My preference remains for Abbott / Sodje and Martin but hey ho.

I think Poyet has done well in management and has a pretty good record and got no credit for the success Leeds had when he was there. He'll certainly be entertaining as I recently observed when the Seagulls played the Cobblers in the Carling Cup. He was very animated and took delight in winding up the locals although they had the last laugh as Northampton beat their higher league opponents.

I felt Brighton were quite a physical side that night and I think we can expect plenty of that on Saturday. However, I don't expect that Kish will be one of the main perpetrators. I'm pleased to see that he'll be back and hope he gets a decent welcome. Radistan was underated by most Addicks I felt. Never spectactular of course but an honest professional who did his job and gave it his all in a Charlton shirt.

Another player being reunited with a former team is Therry Racon. He played 8 games for the Seagulls at the tail end of the 2007-08 season. I wonder if he'll get a good reception from the away fans.....can't see why not.

Lua Lua is one to watch out for of course. Seems quite a talented played and should be good to watch.......let's hope not too good. Brighton did well to get him. I saw him on telly put in a pretty good shift for Newcastle ealier in the season. None of this bodes well for tomorrow.

I'm about as far removed from optimism as it's possible to be about tomorrow's game given our tepid performances against the basement teams. Hope springs eternal though eh ? Let's pray that the lads can up their game for the top of the league side. Perhaps us fans can do that too and it should be a cracking atmosphere to boot with Brighton having snapped up the full allocation.

Come On You Reds !

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