Friday 30 October 2009

Shake You Down or Take You Down ?

Quite what made Gregory Abbott abandon his successful music career to manage Carlisle is unknown. However, he does seem more likely to take them down rather than shake them ! Incidentally that is one of my favourite tracks.

What to make of this weekend's fixture then ? Well, both sides are experiencing problems. Ours are more concerned with matters on the pitch whereas for Carlisle it's off the pitch. The owner and Chief Exec, who are one and the same incidentally, has just packed it all in. How much that'll affect the players in unknown. I assume it would worry Gregory who, although could return to his singing, must feel a little less secure.

Suddenly we face a couple of long term injuries. A real shame for us and the lad himself that Elliott should suffer a long term injury. He's been very impressive this season. He clearly enjoys playing for CAFC and is as passionate as any fan, which of course he is himself.

A big decision, one of many, for Parky as to whether to play Randolph. I'm not able to offer an opinion not having seen either him nor Ikeme play of late.

A further dilemma at right back. Richardson is very doubtful and Solly is out for many months. I'm very much against switching Youga to right back. I recall Villa playing Luke Young at left back last season and whilst he did fine it didn't make sense to me. Why weaken two areas of your defence especially when as in our case we'll be playing a different keeper.

This is a game I felt we'd win comfortably before the injuries hit. However, I still feel we should win but it's where the goal or goals are going to come from that's the issue.

I'd restore a fresh Shelvey in a 4-5-1. I'd also start with Mooney. I appreciate Burton and think he's best in this formation but clearly he's struggling.....he needs that operation pronto ! McLeod continues to frustrate. I appreciate he has a good work ethic and is fast but there's no subsitute for skill and the ability to find the back of the net. In addtion, the continual diving and silly bookings only add fuel to the fire. McLeod has spent most of his career at this level and below and it's telling that he's regularly booed by the oppo fans who clearly recall his dives. I'd keep him on the bench in the hope that he could do something late in the game as other tire. That seems the best way with him. 

Overall though I don't really care where our goals come from as long as we win. Let's hope we get that.

Good luck to Ketts and everyone else making the long trip up North. For that effort alone you deserve to be rewarded with all 3 points !

Come on you Reds !

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