Sunday 1 November 2009

Carlisle Best

Cricketer Carlisle Best - he's probably more likely to score a goal than our strikers !

That should read be Carlisle Better to be grammatically correct but you get my point which is more than our boys managed yesterday. It sounded like an apt timed horror show for Halloween.

One thing I've learned in recent weeks is that you can never second guess Parky. I felt sure that Shelvey would be restored to the starting line up. Sadly this wasn't the case. Blind faith or optimism saw McLeod retain his starting berth. Sadly all to no avail. Clearly he's not up to starting and should, at best, come off the bench if needed.

I think we'll draw a veil over this game as there doesn't seem to be anything good to have come from it.

Parky now has the opportunity of two cup games to try something different. That for me should mean a return for Shelvey with Mooney playing in the lone striker role. This should be tried in the FA cup match at least. I don't care about the JP trophy other than the shame of being beaten by a team that Pardew manages.

Much as we've been bitten by loanees before I'd like to see Parky get at least one more loan striker in if he can. Not least because Burton needs an op and McLeod is a booking away from a ban.

It's not quite a crisis yet but we need to rediscover the form from earlier in the season. The next league match, against the Dons, is going to be of vital imortance.


  1. Things definitely need shaking up in the striking department ANEM. Shelvey will definitely play at Northwich, hopefully in his favoured central midfield role. His brief cameo there on Saturday was impressive.

    Mooney is unlikely to be allowed to play in the FA Cup game by Reading. Still think we need a 'lump' up front to give us the option of the 'out' ball. Burton is really struggling now & should have his hernia op asap.

    Parky will have been hoping that McLeod would have stepped up to the plate.

  2. Good point re Mooney in the cup, Ketts. I'd forgotten about that. It does start to look even bleaker then ! I can't see any option other than 4-5-1 if that's the case. We've got to hope that McLeod will score against non-league oppo.....hmmm I won't be putting any money on that !