Monday 5 October 2009

Dodgy Barnet

Could it be former CAFC player Jonathon's dad ?

Little excitement or interest in this one for me and maybe most Addicks. I believe that Barnet are only bringing around three dozen supporters. Imagine if Barnet win and they all run onto the ptich ? It'll be first time we'll have seen " 38 Bees " on the field of play since Erica Roe all those years ago !

The ludicrous rules of this competition mean that we must field 6 of our regulars ( information garnered from other blogs........I had no idea tbh ). Something of a dilemma then for Parky. Personally I'd make 3 substitutions inside the first 10 minutes with players feinging injury. More opportunity to then use the game to blood some youngsters / non-regulars while protecting the main players.

I'd certainly rest Dailly, Shelvey, Burton, Richardson and Sam ( who may be injured anyway ). I assume that Semedo is still injured or won't be risked.

I suppose at least it offers the likes of Solly, Tuna, Basey etc. an opportunity to get a run out.

I appreciate the carrot of a Wembley appearance but feel our efforts should be focused on the main prize which will spell disaster if we don't get it this season.

This trophy offers the opportunity for a plethora of weak gags ( Matt finish - if Spring scores, best gloss over the result if we lose, it was like watching........etc.etc ) and little else.

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