Sunday 4 October 2009

Leading with Leeds

Sat down to watch the Football League Show this morning and I was pleasantly surprised to see our game first on ! Can't remember if that's ever happened before with any football show bar the Big Match with Brian Moore and consider that it was coverage of London teams.
Having seen the highlights and read various reports it seems that we did well and indeed might have sneaked a win. After Tuesday's poor effort, the display and point gained are well received.
Good to see Sodje return with a decent performance and I believe he threw his shirt into the crowd....... after the final whistle......... I hope McLeod noted that !
It was a real shame that Shelvey didn't convert Richardson's cross following a terrific run.
Spring seemed to have a good game yesterday, hopefully he's got fitter and upto match speed.

Pleasing to read that Bailey moved in to central midfield although I can't see why Basey or Youga don't take up the left side berth if that happens.
The next couple of weeks will be interesting. Parky has to bring Llera back next Saturday given that Sodje will be away. I wonder if he'll use Tuesday's game to try a different central partnership. I'd be inclined to do so as there's nothing to lose other than a meaningless game.
I believe that on Tuesday we have to play 7 or 8 of the starting eleven ( or is it squad ? ) from yesterday under the silly rules of this competition. That's a tough one for Parky. I guess the elder statesmen and Shelvey will sit it out.
Personally I hope we get out of the thing asap. Whilst the ultimate prize of a Wembley appearance would be nice, we don't need extra games.

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