Saturday 17 October 2009

Eee A Reet Useless Lump !

It's official. Charlton have been playing with a useless lump in attack ! However, enough of McLeod.....I was saddened to read about Burton's hernia. Let's hope that gets sorted soon. He started the season so well and we need him to recapture that form.

Our striking options have been boosted by the addition of Mooney from Reading. Don't know anything about him other than what I've read. He's surely got to get on the pitch ahead of you know who !

The injury to McKenzie has probably removed any chance of Parky going 4-4-2. That's a shame because we really need to do that. I fear that we're about to witness a game very similar to last week. If we do then let's hope that Parky has the good sense to make changes at half time and not leave it all too late.

For me I'd be dropping Llera today and resting Shelvey and Spring. Obviously Semedo comes in along with Sodje and I'd start with Mooney. I don't care if he's only just arrived most half decent strikers can sort out some understanding. In any case it's another must win at home and the 4-5-1 didn't look good or work last week did it. When we changed to 2 up in attack then we created chances........simples !

I'd bring Basey in at left back and push the excellent Youga up into left side midfield. Racon would miss out with Bailey moving into the middle.

All of this is a pipe dream of course. I worry that Parky won't even leave out Llera. Sodje should so obviously come straight back in. Let's see anyway.

What of our opposition ? Well, another team travelling down from oop North. I'm not expecting any great attacking intent or flair. That's pretty common in this division. Let's hope I'm pleasantly surprised and that we may see a good game.

Another busy week for me has seen the delay of me posting something until today. Let's hope that the Addicks are more on the ball than me.

Come on you Reds !


  1. Thought the "useless lump" took his goal quite well today....

  2. Fair enough he scored but overall a frustrating performance. He kept diving ( as always ) when in good positions, so when he was fouled he didn't get the free kick.
    Twice now he's got yellow cards for removing his brainless is that !
    There were plenty of other missed chances again and I don't chnage my opinion on the strength of one fairly straight forward goal.
    There are plenty of others I'd rather see play in front of him.