Friday 9 October 2009

Old Ham and New Blood

At the end of a personally exhausting week I'm looking forward to a few beers, a curry and my trip to the Valley.........perfect therapy !

Hopefully we can give old ham a bit of a roasting. I note that the team from the typical northern industial town that is Oldham, is on the up of late. Manager Dave Penney is receiving good reviews. The team itself has a couple of useful players. This should be a bit of a test but one we must pass if we're to get the lift we need following the recent dropping of vital points.

Last week's Elland Road encounter sounded and looked like a very good effort from the boys and so if we perform at that level then we ought to be celebrating 3 points come 5 o'clock tomorrow evening.
There are a few injury worries, most notably Lloyd Sam and he'd be a big miss tomorrow. However, it's up to those who've largely sat on the bench, ( Peter Garland reference ? ) chomping at the bit, to grab the opportunity with both hands and prove a point.

The paint pot trophy did allow a run out for new ( fresh ) blood and hopefully they'll rise to the occasion if needed. BTW caught the highlights today........a couple of cracking goals !

Speaking of new ( perhaps not so new then ) blood, it's great to see Peter Varney back at the Valley. I don't think many of us realised just what an asset he was to our club before he left. Hopefully his return will further enhance an upturn in our fortunes !

I note that John Barnes has finally been sacked along with the erudite Jason Macateer. How they survived so long is beyond my comprehension. I'm afraid John totally lost it and recently said after being roundly booed after yet another defeat...." the fans aren't annoyed with me...just the results " !! Yes John, of course. Still football's loss is T.V.'s gain........what a natural !

Here's to a good win tomorrow and a return to the top of the table !

Come on you reds !

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