Sunday 11 October 2009

Hey Youga, Off McLeod !

Old Ham played their part in a pig of a game. To be fair so did we and of course, Mr Horwood, the er " referee " ! Not one that will live long in the memory, well, not for the right reasons anyway.

I'm not sure that I'd be happy as an away fan to travel all that way to see my team be negative and time-waste. If the ref had clamped down on that earlier we might have seen a bit more football. That only one minute's time was added at the end of the first half was incredible.........he'll never ref at Old Trafford !

Youga had an excellent game again. He has really impressed me this season. Going forward he is a real threat and defensively he's not making silly mistakes. Contrast that then with McLeod. Oh dear ! His air shot was laughable as was most of his performance. I failed to find any even dark humour when he missed the sitter laid on a plate for him. I felt like leaving Charlton player has ever had that effect on me before ! There really is no hope for him. McLeod was the inspiration for the picture above....he really can't hit a bovine's behind. Let's hope some gullable manager puts in a bid and we can be rid of him. All this is happening as Dickson gets rave reviews whilst on loan.........that's not looking such a good idea right now !

No goals in the last three league games is cause for concern. Changes must be made, time for Parky to be ruthless and earn his corn. He's been loyal for long enough to those players who've got us in to a good position. Perhaps there's a feeling of being too comfortable with the main eleven.

I'd give Shelvey a rest, he was ineffective yesterday and to be honest, has had little impact of late. Sodje should come straight back in for Llera and McKenzie should start. In addition, I'd bring Basey in and play him at left back whilst pushing Youga up to left side midfield. If Semedo's fit then this means dropping Racon or Bailey. Probably Racon as Bailey would add some steel to the centre of midfield. A bit harsh on Racon perhaps who's not done a lot wrong but we need more balance in the team and this formation offers it.

Whatever happens, Parky mustn't be guilty of doing nothing. There's not a lot wrong, we still have a good side capable of playing attractive football but it's definitely time to change or teams will just come to the Valley and do the same week after week. Not sure I can stomach more games like yesterday's !

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  1. Classic heading for this post - well done!