Friday 2 October 2009

Leeds United

Numbered sock ties, Revie, Bremner, Giles and Gary Sprake ! Those were the days. The 70's were a good time for Leeds as they enjoyed much success. They won many football matches but few friends. It was generally accepted that they were a somewhat " physical " team.
Since then we've all been able to laugh at Peter Ridsdale..............all goldfish and ludricrous player salary negotiations.
The Leeds of today has survived Ridsdale....just. They have an excellent manager whose record against us is very good. They seem destined to go up this season. Their style of football from what I've seen from two televised games seems quite attractive.
A tough test then tomorrow for our boys, especially following the awful perfomrance against the U's. What on earth was going on for that first goal ?
I've had my concerns about Llera for some time. He makes some good headers ( Tuesday aside ! ) and strong tackles but worrying lacks any pace and gives away silly free kicks, most notably around the edge of the box. Time for Mr Sodje to take his place me thinks.
Also time for Baily to move into the centre of midfiled assuming Jose's not playing. Basey or Youga then need to be employed in either of the left side roles.......they're interchangable for me.
Shelvey has clearly needed a rest for a couple of weeks now and why he wasn't rested against the U's is a mystery to me.
We seem stuck with a system and unable to adapt. What was a week ago a quite important game is now a crucial one. A defeat will further damage morale and confidence leaving aside the implications of a potential drop into third place.
We need at the minimum a good performance and hopefully at least a point to go with it. I'm trying to remain optimistic but am struggling to any reason to be.
Come on you reds !


  1. Whilst i agree with your general thrust re. time to change the team. I would wait one more week.
    The odds are we will lose at Leeds today, so why not let the current incumbents do the losing rather than knock the confidence of a changed starting eleven?
    Paintpot trophy aside we have two winable home games coming up. Let's give the changed starting eleven the opportunity.

  2. Daggs, our pessimism was mis-placed it seems, a pleasing point gained yesterday. I take your point re confidence but felt we needed to give ourselves the best chance or at worst damage limitation.It'll be interesting to see how Parky changes things now. He'll have to bring Llera back. Let's hope he's better for a break and that he avoids the dreaded card until Sidje returns.