Sunday 1 February 2015

Weekend Saved By Friday Pub Crawl

It seems our new manager is The Apprentice's Lee McQueen

A couple days spent in the smoke this weekend with the Friday being infinitely more enjoyable than the Saturday.

A pub crawl in memory of my mate kicked off at The Jerusalem Tavern in Farringdon ( St Peters ales for anyone interested ). There then followed The Old Red Cow, The Williamsons Tavern, The Counting House, The Magpie and Hamilton Hall.

Sadly, Hamilton Hall was extremely packed so a few of us decamped to Dirty Dicks, a pub I'd not been to for nearly 40 years ! It hasn't changed much but the prices certainly have ! I was glad it wasn't my shout in there ! Best avoided is my advice.

A good night meeting up with old friends and colleagues and reminiscing. Then Saturday...........

Oh dear ! What can you say ? It was dire wasn't it ? I don't know about the two players that Guy thinks we need. Perhaps it's marginally more !

I've never been impressed with animated managers and Mr Luzon wasn't exactly flavour of the month with me before kick off. What the hell was that he was doing on the touchline ? Jumping up and down waving his arms around and then crouching on the floor. It was embarrassing and somewhat of a contrast to Curbs who used to sit demurely in the stand. 

I had heard the Luzon preferred a more direct approach...........yes he does, doesn't he ! Our keeper, who had a good game yesterday especially one terrific save towards the end, is clearly under orders to launch the thing...........mostly straight into the arms of their keeper. 

What sort of tactic is this to apparently hoof it up to our forwards both under 6 foot for them to contest against their rather taller defenders ? Bob has his faults but at least we tried to play football under him.

Why does an unfit Vetokele start ahead of Watt ? 

Lepoint had an awful debut save for holding the ball up for Cousins for the goal. A post on Charlton Life sums it up nicely... " his cameo was the highlight of the afternoon, running around like a competition winner whose prize was a place in the squad ".

We were lacking in so many areas yesterday and it was truly awful. Rotherham were poor and so were we. We didn't deserve to win but when you 1-0 up with 7 minutes to go you oughtn't to be conceding especially such a soft goal. 

It seems were fortunate that Hamill and Ward didn't start the game. 

The man of the match was Jordan Cousins and I was in Crossbars post match to witness that presentation. He must have been gutted with the outcome because he gave his all once again. You could never accuse that lad of not trying. 

God knows what will happen in the next few games because they all look tough even Wigan away on their ploughed up field of a pitch. 

We're in big trouble now with seemingly dejected players and fans even more so. Sadly I fear little will change. I remarked on Facebook yesterday that we'll all still be here long after Roly's gone. The question is what state will the club be in when he finally goes ?

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