Wednesday 18 February 2015

Sometimes Doing Nothing Is A Better Option

Last night's VIP meeting ran very much as expected. No real answers, very stage managed with a lot of guff and save for one or two, all in front of a pretty undemanding audience. On occasion it was quite light-hearted with little hint of the overwhelming concern felt by most fans.

The last minute removal of Luzon was incredible suggesting as it did that he'd only just thought about going to Reading to watch their match against Wigan. Further to this was a blatant attempt to deflect further questioning of Katrien and Richard Murray by adding 6 other previously unannounced panelists.

The MC ( he didn't introduce himself ) will probably find a bonus in his pay packet at the end of the month as he did his utmost to suppress many questions and curtail any follow up on any others. He certainly made good use of the other panel members as he seemingly sought to prevent questioning of Katrien by directing questions to them.

The tactic of having the other panelists worked as many were drawn into talking about tactics, the pitch etc. Katrien and Co must have been pleased with that. It even allowed someone to ask Tony Watt an inappropriate and irrelevant question.

The MC referred to questions supplied by Craig ( don't know who Craig is and again like the MC's identity this wasn't explained ).

Katrien stands by her assertion about managers being interviewed although this has now gone from 20 down to several. Richard Murray backed her up by saying 3 people with English experience had applied for the job and been interviewed. Richard didn't really answer the follow up question of what he meant by English experience.

Miss Miere's comment that Luzon soon emerged as the favourite for the job says little. It's far removed from saying that he was the best candidate merely the favourite. He could be the favourite because he's cheap or already on the payroll or both !

She went on to say that the club needed to move quickly citing the recent Forest and Norwich managerial appointments. Not a good comparison. Neither of those clubs said they'd interviewed anyone else. They clearly already knew who they wanted. In any case we are Charlton not any other club !

I found her attitude rather patronising. Clearly we aren't intelligent enough to understand the process or needs of the club.

Katrien informed the meeting that Reza had a good offer to go elsewhere and so it was decided to let him go on loan. If the offer was that good and they were that keen on him why not sell him ? He clearly ain't coming back.

She then told us that Tony Watt was got instead. Katrien also cited Watt as evidence of Roly spending money on players for CAFC. Neither of those statements are true as Reza went in August and Watt came in on 6th January from Liege having been bought for that club not ours !

The meeting was brought to rather an abrupt halt just as Katrien was getting quite petulant. It's so obvious that if they genuinely want to answer fans questions and address their concerns then Roly needs to front up. Katrien would have us believe that she is running things very much in the way Roly wants and we should all be happy with her as a buffer.

I'm not sure what it says about her relationship with Roly ( or Murray's ) but she consistently refers to him as " the owner ". I find that quite odd.....Roland or Mr Duchatelet surely ?

I'm increasingly disappointed with Katrien and it's even more worrying if the only communication we're going to get is through her. I can see why Roly has employed her as she's happy to take the flak and stand his corner. I reckon if it was a bloke he'd be taking a lot more stick as people are more deferential towards her despite her shortcomings.

I'm sure that tonight's Trust meeting will be more productive.


  1. Phil, surely the MC is Mick Everitt.

    Watt was bought for an "undisclosed fee" - accoridng to the publicity at the time, so presumeably we paid something for him - he wasn't a loan.

    Why sell Reza now, when you can sell him next year for more?

  2. I wasn't at the meeting but read a summary and I thought that some very good questions provoked some evasive answers from a lawyer. 'Like we want a long term stable manager that's why GL's on a long term contract', without mention of the previous three in the question.
    If I recall right TW cost Standard 1.7 mil from Celtic then flopped so then a prob that must also have devalued him, not a loan, I'm sure we got him on a contract of 2 or 3 yrs. With Reza I guess it's his wages, him and Churchy ain't doing too much.

  3. I think what is obviously missing is that the current ownership believe that if they deliver on quality of football, food and beer and the admission price, then all will be well for the club.
    Supporters believe you can't do it with without expertise,and with a break even strategy and that our club connection was more than just this. They supported this club when the football, food and beer were awful, but they had a connection. At this point that's it.

  4. Anons, The point with Watt is that he was bought for Liege not us. Therefore, it was an internal transfer and Charlton as such haven't really paid for him if you like. More than happy with him of course ! I'd have thought after quite a good world cup Reza's stock would not have been higher and if they were so keen on getting him then make them pay. Anon3, totally agree....none of us goes for the beer and food just the footie and players and a club that we feel a connection with.