Thursday 12 February 2015

Sowing The Seeds Of Love....

How prophetic could this be ?

It's Valentine's Day on Saturday, it could be a massacre but one thing's for sure, there'll be little love lost between the fans and our new manager. Even less for our owner, the hapless Duchatelet. 

Our winless run continues and yet there's still now word from Roly nor even from Katrien who seems to have joined him in retiring from public life. I have this week renewed my Trust membership as a small gesture in the hope that something can be done to make this man pay attention.

I will try and make next Wednesday's meeting but a number of things may make that difficult and not just that I don't live nearby. However, if I can be there I will.

Quite what can be achieved I don't know but at the very least a show of solidarity and sharing the misery could be cathartic if nothing else. 

It may be decided that the Huddersfield game could be something to hang our hat on so to speak. With tickets at £5 a shot there's a chance to get non-season ticket holders along to add their voice to any protests. 

Luzon was always up against it when he took over from Bob in the manner in which he did. That press conference was awfully telling as it exposed both him and Katrien as naive and unprepared. It even included some nonsense from Richard Murray about the importance of the relationship between the owner and the manager. Apparently that overrides everything including turning a blind eye to the new man being clueless and out of his depth.

Remember Luzon told us he was the man for the job because he likes be fair he didn't actually go on to add " football matches " and perhaps that's just as well.

I think Tuesday's " fightback " was in spite of Luzon and definitely not because of him. Like Ketts from Doctor Kish I noted that Skip shook hands with Damien Matthew when he went off on Tuesday and only did a cursory job of the same as his manager left him with little option before he could take his seat in the dugout.

I thought it was depressing enough against a poor Rotherham side but Tuesday surpassed even that for me. It dawned on me some 30 to 40 seconds into Red, Red Robin that I wasn't clapping. That's not happened before but I was so lost in the thought of how uninspired I felt that it didn't register.

Norwich could have been 4 or 5 up at half time but the sad thing was that both the goals they scored were gifted to them. Obviously they felt our charitable demeanour would continue in the second period as they took their foot off the gas. Of course it did at the end as we went on to gift them a third goal leaving Jerome with the freedom of the borough to glance the ball home.

The introduction of Watt and the move to central midfield of Cousins has immediate effect. It never ceases to amaze thousands of watching Addicks why Jordan isn't a permanent fixture in the centre. No Charlton manager seems to want to put him there yet he is so effective in that position.

Bikey was awful as was Buyens and Solly must have regretted that he chose Tuesday to make his first midweek appearance in many a month. 

It would appear the best sport that we can now look forward to is discovering what post-match bollocks Luzon can come up with. He obviously sees something we don't when a totally disjointed and dispirited first half performance is viewed as the players trying too hard ! Really ? Not for you they're not mate.

I almost can't  be bothered to suggest a side that might have some hope on Saturday but for what it's worth here's an eleven that I feel may give us our best chance if said players are fit.

Henderson, Wiggins, Solly, TBH, Johnson, JBG, Cousins, Jackson, Bulot, Vetokele and Watt.

Might as well give Johnson a go, he's not been embroiled in the endless defeats and may be a breath of fresh air. Bulot shouldn't play up front and I felt he was hard done by on Tuesday - put him out wide or get Wilson back into the team. Wiggins was poor on Tuesday but deserves another go and should be encouraged to get forward more. 

That lot might achieve something if they can overlook the off field antics and our clueless manager.

 If it's true that the players aren't responding to the new gaffer then it'll be in stark contrast to the oppo. That Brentford have ludicrously suggested that Warburton is going at the end of the season has only served to galvanise the Bees. 

Imagine a scenario in which Warburton gets sacked before Luzon. That might seem far fetched but consider recent events and it's less ludicrous and certainly more plausible than some of them eh ?

I saw a headline earlier that said " Israeli rules out Villa job " and I thought " good old Guy, he's staying with us but turns our it was Avram Grant.........who'd have thought it ? Whilst on the subject of Prem mangers, well done to QPR on joining us as another London club that has appointed their " dream manager ".

Probably not Cupid's but perhaps another arrow will strike on Saturday as Luzon shoots himself in the foot again with a second defeat in a week ? Sowing the seeds of love, the birds ( Canaries ) and the Bees ( Brentford )........

Come On You Reds !

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