Monday 16 February 2015

Contrasting Meetings

                                     The panel warm up ahead of Tuesday's VIP meeting

Not quite sure what to make of the latest " piece of communication " from the club. The VIP meeting takes place tomorrow and is billed as follows :-

" The evening gives fans who previously purchased a five-year ticket plan a platform to ask the club’s decision makers directly about recent developments and their plans for the future, while offering their own views in exchange. "

Note the use of the plural in " decision makers " ! Really ? They are leading us to believe that anyone other than Roly has any say in matters in S.E. 7. Hmmm..........

Taken literally I think a VIP meeting amounts to Roly being in a room on his own !

A shame that none is them is seemingly able to get along to the rather more important meeting that's taking place some 24 hours later in Woolwich.

I wonder how open the VIP meeting will be. I guess in reality it doesn't really matter as we'll not get any answers. I note that the event is being videod. I'd be surprised if it isn't heavily edited especially if there are any awkward moments or gaffs such we witnessed when Luzon was unveiled.

Tacked on to the news item of this is a video and details of Katrien's meeting with young Ben Rudkin. Well done to Ben in securing a meeting with her but even asking some of the questions that most of us want answers to failed to produced anything enlightening. A warm up for tomorrow perhaps ?

Out of all the emails Katrien surely received in recent weeks and apparently the one she decided to respond to was one from a 15 year old. Don't get me wrong by the way, Ben did well and better than I would have done at his age. However, the trust with a membership of @ 1200 is waiting to have direct contact with her if not Roly.

However, whatever Katrien was hoping to achieve from this publicity stunt is lost on me and yet again I find her wanting and naïve. What disappoints me is that surely she has enough nous and maturity not to spend her career as Roly's stooge ?

The only meeting that really matters is on Wednesday and I suspect that'll provide more answers and direction for our club than tomorrow's and that's without Roly and co !



  1. Well said Phil.

  2. Excellent summary, Phil. Couldn't have put it better myself.

  3. Advertisement; A vacancy for a new experienced PR officer at CAFC has arisen. (I wish)

  4. Me too. Are they really so dumb as to believe that fans will buy this? If not, the only motive is cynical and should be viewed with contempt.

  5. Roly and Dozy really do think we are gullible don't they? I look forward to a series of politic answers to anodyne questions, all done with smiling faces and bonhomie.

    Q1. How much did Roly pay to purchase the club and what were his first impressions of the historic and famous football club he acquired?
    Q2. How much was the pitch and how long do we expect it to last?
    Q3. Igor Vetokele has been a quality signing. How hard was it convincing him to join us?
    Q4. Any news on progress around the re-development of the training ground?
    Q5. It's been a mixed season but now we are winning again and heading back up the table under Guy Luzon, what ambitions do we have for promotion this season?
    Q6. Is the club planning on running another VIP scheme?
    Q7. Can we have another pre-season tournament against our sister clubs in the network?
    Q8. The £150 season ticket was very successful this year. Are there any plans to continue or extend it for 15-16?
    Q9. The match day experience has been changed beyond all recognition since the Board introduced pulled pork and cider. Can we have more vegetarian options?
    Q10. Rome wasn't built in a day. We ask, very humbly, if your magnificence could share a vision of how our club can be a successful part of the Network without worrying about winning matches in future - Time up!

  6. All, thanks for your comments. Dave, very good and sadly true. Shades of The Life of Brian to a degree. " He is the Messiah. " " Now f**k off ! " " How shall we f**k off oh Lord ? "