Friday 27 February 2015

Return Of The Saviour !

I’m sure he used to wear a flat cap….
We see out the month with a home game against Huddersfield Town. February has been pretty good overall and seen an upturn in performance, mood and optimism… least for matters on the pitch !

Addicks may well be wishing that the month was 31 days long as it would mean playing Forest on the 31st of the month. Instead, we enter into the unknown of March. In our Prem days this of course signalled a time to take the foot off the gas and start looking forward to the holidays. Our boys will not be doing that this term as they know there’s still plenty of work to be done.

Chris Powell returns of course and given his place in Charlton history he is assured of the warmest of welcomes. He’ll be grinning and waving his way to the dugout I’m sure. Let’s hope he doesn’t go to the wrong one !

Aside from representing our club with great dignity and class, Chris did a magnificent job in the embryonic stages of his Charlton managerial career. None of that will ever be taken away. I wasn’t so convinced towards the end of his tenure but he’ll always have a special place in our hearts.  

The 90 minutes in between applauding Chris are the main focus and we should all remember the need to get behind the lads. The support was excellent last time at home against Brentford and the same is needed tomorrow in front of a bumper crowd.

Tickets have been reduced to a fiver and of course, we know all too well how these promotions backfire on us. Had the Sky cameras been in attendance for a live game then you might as well have put your mortgage on an away win !

Tuesday’s game is best forgotten, always a tough ask the two early goals soon finished that as a contest. I’m not sure why Luzon chose to put Wilson in to centre-mid but that was never going to work. However, it sounds as though Diarra had a good game and one hopes that he’ll start tomorrow given our current dearth of central midfielders.

Naturally Cousins will be welcome back with open arms if fit but if not it’s hard to see beyond Buyens even if he’s not been pulling up any trees lately.

Bulot and JBG should complete the midfield and Watt and Igor must start up front and we need to be on the front foot. The defence picks itself again without Wiggins I assume.

The bench appears a little stronger now and it needs to be given the recent sight of Bikey spending some time on it !

I’ve no idea why the club is issuing a £4 programme other than to maximise the potential of the increased number of customers. Those customers will receive details of next season’s season tickets.

I can’t see anyone who is seriously thinking of renewing doing anything other than leaving it until the last possible moment. One would expect folk to do so safe in the knowledge of which division we’re in !

Let’s hope for a resounding welcome for Chris, positive support for the lads and another home win to send us all home happy.
Amen to all that !

Come On You Reds !

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