Sunday 15 February 2015

Ships In The Night

Like a square peg in a round hole
Like a harp without its strings
Like a sailor who sails no oceans
Like a bird that has no wings

(Without love)
I am a desert
(Without love)
My light is dim
(Without love)
I have no treasures
(Without love)
I cannot win

Yesterday's performance lifted spirits yesterday and I felt a bit more connected with Charlton than I have for a while. That doesn't chance my feelings towards the current regime. It's just that the fight and spirit we've become accustomed to seeing from our players returned.

This was probably as a result of the players themselves deciding to do something to arrest the recent slide as opposed to anything Luzon has said or done.

Where did this good performance come from ? Well square pegs in square holes is a start. The team looked better balanced with two strikers working well together. Proper wingers and two central midfield players exactly where they should be. 

Add to this Johnson adding some organisation and fight in defence. The return of Henderson was also a major factor. He organises the defence well and gives it great confidence. Henderson dealt competently with everything yesterday.

Mention should also be made of Bulot. If you read my previous post you'll know I had him in my team. He was written off by many after Tuesday. Clearly he shouldn't play up front but in previous rare appearances did enough to suggest he had something to offer out wide.

Freddie has hardly played and it was too quick to rubbish him. I wonder how many of our team are capable of scoring in the way he did yesterday. The was a finish of real class.

We coped well with the two injuries yesterday and maintained our positive approach. We've missed that all season as even when doing well earlier in the season we tended to drop off after taking the lead. This approach is more rewarding as evidenced yesterday with 3 goals that could have been more but for some good saves from Button. He's one of the best keepers in the league.

Tony Watt was rightly named man of the match afterwards. His endeavour and tireless running was just what we need. Remember we were told he wasn't fit enough to last the full ninety ! Watt runs well with the ball and is prepared to take defenders on.

Next up is Wigan away and we might as well train on a cabbage patch ahead of this one. The same might be needed for the Blackpool game as well. Both games are crucial to our survival hopes of course as you need need to beat or at least not lose to those around you.

Prior to all that is a rather important event on Wednesday. That being the Trust organised meeting. I hope that a positive plan of action will arise from that. It's important to have united front. 

Whether Roly will listen is open to conjecture and there's little evidence to suggest he will. I share the opinion of many others that the only message he will listen to is a financial one. I wouldn't advocate not renewing season tickets as such but not buying programmes, food, drinks, shirts etc. may just have an effect.

Hopefully those better qualified than me will be able to formulate a decent plan of action. As we know our fans have managed it before. 


  1. I totally agree - the team were the reason for the win and may it continue. I would also say that although the crowd was reduced, it contained more true fans and the atmosphere was greatly improved.

  2. I just like the song.

  3. Me too anon. A rare one that charted for Bill and the boys. Sadly I never saw them in their heyday but have managed to see Bill solo and a version of Be Bop about 5 years ago.